How to Take Your Telco to the Next Level with Total Experience

Implementing a total experience (TX) business strategy – the one that integrates customer, employee user and multi-experiences – is no easy task. However, such advantages as significantly higher customer experience, employee satisfaction and company performance make it worth the effort. So, where should you start in order to achieve that?

360-degree evaluation as a key to identifying main targets

Total experience starts with asking the right questions to pinpoint key areas and domains that require attention. What are your customers looking for? What hinders their loyalty? What motivates your employees? Do you efficiently track and respond to user feedback? Are your teams adequately equipped with the necessary tools? What are the biggest obstacles to delivering a total experience and which goals can you achieve with ease?

After answering these key questions, it's time to move to the KPIs that require improvement. These might encompass metrics such as churn rate, employee satisfaction, market share, and more. Each of these objectives is associated with at least one of the following: user experience, customer experience, employee experience, and multi-experience. The more identified targets and KPIs you have, the easier it is to track progress.

Finding connections to cross limitations of one discipline

The next step is to identify the mutual impact of these elements. How does product feedback influence engagement in the loyalty program? Is there a connection between the number of touchpoints with clients and user satisfaction? There are multiple areas of influence to detect and analyze. It will help in understanding the scale of the challenge and the appropriate places to start implementing a total experience strategy.

What’s more, cross-functional teams must be involved and invested in the strategy, the sooner – the better. Here, complexity arises because each department or area is likely to have its own decision-makers, experts, leaders, and chiefs of operations. No matter how challenging, creating a multidisciplinary team is crucial in this approach. Strong leadership skills, motivation and management are necessary for any telecommunications company looking to achieve shared total experience goals.

Streamlining and automating business processes with the right tools

As you can see, putting the total experience strategy into motion is challenging on its own, especially without a proper toolset. That’s why seeking a multi-product partner experienced in digital transformation, OSS, BSS and Field Service Management projects can be a good idea. Utilizing an innovative suite of tools which includes such solutions as Product Catalog, Order Management, FSM, Digital Sales, Billing System and Fault Management enables you to embrace total experience and benefit users, employees and clients in a seamless way.

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Tomasz Jacel
Tomasz Jacel
Product Manager

A manager with experience in projects in several IT areas, including telecommunications, automotive, the public sector and E/M commerce. Tomasz is using his skills to build teams and processes that are capable of delivering products efficiently. He is an enthusiast of instant and constructive feedback, as he believes people are the greatest source of information.

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