DTW24 – Ignite: Comarch's Take on the Industry's Premier Event

The curtains have been drawn on the most exhilarating edition of DTW – Ignite. The DTW24 - Ignite Global Summit has set a new benchmark for itself, attracting over 3,895 delegates from across the globe. As proud participants and sponsors, we are thrilled to share our insights and highlights from this inspiring event.

Record-breaking engagement

This year's DTW – Ignite gathered over 1,000 communication service providers (CSPs) in Copenhagen. The collective focus of lecturers was on reimagining the role of telcos in the era of widespread AI, and as part of the Comarch team, we felt right at home amidst these forward-thinkers.

To address the increasing industry need to quickly prototype and implement solutions to common challenges, TM Forum has consolidated all its innovation capabilities under the Innovation Engine. The newly announced initiative includes:

  • Catalysts for rapid prototyping
  • Innovation Hub to speed up software delivery
  • Next20 to highlight critical start-ups
  • Enterprise Hackathons to test the latest standards

This consolidation allows member companies and professionals to drive large-scale experimentation, encourage creativity, and maximize R&D investments, swiftly turning ideas into tangible outcomes.

Driving innovation through Catalyst projects

One of the cornerstones of DTW24 – Ignite was the unveiling of over 50 Catalyst projects. These projects, revealing groundbreaking innovations in open APIs, ODA, AI, and automation, underscored the event's commitment to actionable solutions over mere discussion. Comarch actively participated in these collaborative endeavors.

We joined the "Wholesale Fiber Broadband Standardization" project, which aimed to develop a framework to improve the interoperability of telecommunications operators that use fiber networks.

Thanks to the effort of the entire working group, this Catalyst became a finalist in three categories:

  • Outstanding Catalyst – Use of TM Forum Assets
  • Outstanding Catalyst – Rising Star
  • Outstanding Catalyst – Beyond Telco

The showcase was not just a platform for us to demonstrate our capabilities but also a wealth of inspiration for future projects sprouting from over 1,000 industry minds across 250 organizations.
You can learn more about the Catalyst Awards at DTW24 – Ignite here.

Propagating the API, AI, and automation dialogue

During the conference, Tomasz Staszek, Head of BSS Consulting, gave an interview for TeleSemana.com. He emphasized the importance of APIs, AI, and automation in supporting telecom companies in their journey to digital transformation.

"API is a big part of making a solution interoperable with different components. We have been a member of TM Forum for over 15 years and have been aligned with the open API initiative since the beginning. Comarch boasts a gold certification on the TMF open API standards. Our implementations even exceed certification criteria, allowing customers to choose vendors and technologies that best suit their needs," he said.

His insights into operational efficiency and the indispensable nature of service applications set the tone for a future where efficiency and innovation go hand in hand. It highlights our dedication to fostering an ecosystem where flexibility and interoperability lead the way for telecom operators.

Comarch’s view on the future of AI in telecommunications

The interview not only shed light on our current accomplishments and certifications but also affirmed our belief in the power of AI. By detailing our use cases, from network monitoring to customer billing and personalized offer creation supported by AI, we showcased our nuanced understanding of the technology's capability to revolutionize telecom operations.

During DTW, there was a noticeable interest in conducting tests of generative AI for telecommunications. Many attendees explored potential use cases of AI using commercial models, as they allow quick development and assessment of benefits. The current trend involves combining specialized in-house models with commercial solutions for more general tasks, which can be a cost-effective and efficient approach.

In Comarch products, AI is used to assist with customer billing, predict the bill amount, and correlate payments with bills when there is insufficient data. Lately, we have also been focused on using generative AI and exploring the use of large language models (LLM) to support operators' initiatives in monetizing or improving the efficiency of using their own resources to serve market needs.

Looking to the future

As we reflect on DTW24 – Ignite, our spirits are buoyed by the shared enthusiasm for a future crafted by innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of efficiency. The dialogues initiated here, the connections fostered, and the innovations unveiled will undoubtedly steer the industry as we move forward. With the next edition already on the horizon, we are brimming with ideas and a resolve to contribute even more significantly to this summit.


Paweł Leśnik
Paweł Leśnik

Paweł is an experienced copywriter specializing in various areas of IT. His practical understanding of the industry allows him to explain complex concepts in an accessible way and provide compelling marketing content for the telecom sector of Comarch.

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