Comarch’s Memories of Interop Tokyo 2024

Interop Tokyo 2024 was an electrifying showcase of innovative technology and collaboration. This year's edition attracted nearly 124,500 visitors from Japan and beyond. It was our pleasure to participate once again and expand our network of contacts in the Asian market.

A hub of insights and innovations

This year's conference covered a range of themes, with a primary focus on artificial intelligence, 5G and 6G, cloud-native operations, and satellite-based connectivity. Speakers delivered lectures on responsible AI application, open-source development, and maximizing the potential of space business and technology.

Sumera Reina Ansari, Sales Support Specialist at Comarch Japan, expressed her enthusiasm about the event.

"Interop provides a unique opportunity to meet and interact with telecom professionals from across Japan. It allows us to gain valuable connections and insights into local trends and introduce our state-of-the-art solutions for telecom businesses in the region," she commented.

Such interactions are crucial to understanding local needs and challenges and continuously improving our offer for telecoms worldwide.

Excellent attendance at the Comarch stand

Kenji Shimoinaba, Business Development Manager at Comarch Japan, brought an interesting perspective on attending conferences. He explained how events such as Interop can be beneficial in terms of reaching out to potential business partners with a clear objective, and to explore new possibilities and attract the attention of unexpected visitors.

"We are pleased to see many visitors coming to Comarch's booth with a purpose. Such interest reflects our growing influence in the market. At the same time, a certain amount of serendipity is also significant for us. I have introduced Comarch to many visitors who discovered us by chance, and they have been very enthusiastic about our company and what we can offer." 

New horizons and strengthened connections

Highlighting our participation in Interop Tokyo 2024, Łukasz Zezulak, Country Manager at Comarch Japan, hosted a presentation entitled "The Future of Network Operations: TechCo, AI Native Telco, Autonomous Networks, Closed Loop: How to Choose the Right Path (it is not too late)". Łukasz provided insight into various trends that will shape the telecommunications landscape in the near future and presented strategies to make the most of them based on three decades of Comarch's experience developing products for telecommunications.

We are incredibly thankful for the connections, insights, and the opportunity to further solidify our presence in Japan. As we reflect on the successes of Interop Tokyo 2024, we are more motivated than ever to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and to continue providing top-notch solutions to the telecom industry.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Interop Tokyo 2024. We look forward to seeing what the future holds and are excited for the next opportunity to meet again.


Paweł Leśnik
Paweł Leśnik

Paweł is an experienced copywriter specializing in various areas of IT. His practical understanding of the industry allows him to explain complex concepts in an accessible way and provide compelling marketing content for the telecom sector of Comarch.

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