Requirements for B2B2X in the Era of the Digital Transformation

Communications service providers (CSP) are still looking new streams of revenue due to the latest products, services and devices that are appearing due to increasing role of digital transformation for telcos. It is a fact that the importance of partnership between all parties involved in providing services is increasing. 

Crucial challenges on the 5G B2B2X market. How to overcome them?

The rapidly growing telecommunication market requires improvements in different areas. It is necessary to use a multi-track approach in order to avoid overlooking the development of any element. And remember - overlooking even one aspect may slow down the progress of the another stage. Let’s look at the challenges of the B2B2X business model.

Network services

The main challenge is to deliver complex web services to customers in a simple and understandable way. Moreover, each product or service should be delivered on time and in the form of click-to-buy business products.


If 5G-based products are to be available and easy to use, the CSP must collaborate with all parties involved in the product or service delivery process. It is important to properly define each partner's roles and privileges, and that everyone benefits from joint activities.


It is a key element due to fact that it allows publicity for products and services. At the same time, customers are able to buy and consume the offer. It is helpful not only to present new technologies, but also to let enterprises create apps.


Multi-level orchestration starts from onboarding and multi-side agreements between service provider, partners and customers. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to easily deliver a required offer on time.

Revenue stream monetization

The need for orchestration in revenue distribution is increasing. The service provider has to settle with their partners, and automation can make it more accessible.

Enterprise portal

Digitization powers of our daily work. It is crucial to ensure platforms that enable self-service use cases for partners and enterprise customers. Thanks to that, you can shorten response time to market changes.

Digital transformation in telecoms. The role of standardization and monetization

The answers to these challenges are ready-to-use tools that facilitate the management of all parties involved in the provision of 5G-based services. In the rapidly changing world, it is important to remember about the role of standardization. It has an affect on many levels, starting from a network to systems built as fine-grained modules. Comarch Digital BSS/OSS support 5G network service monetization - for those available today and those that will be considered as standards in the future. Moreover, Comarch products work in line with Open API foundations, so telecoms are able to integrate them smoothly with other elements.

Also, monetization is key. It must allow agility in modelling of new services from the business product perspective up to network parameters. This will let the service provider become a leader, not a follower on the market, and sell marketing team dreams in a digital way. Revenue streams should help to freely model new services based on the 5G network. We can say this about the business product perspective, but also about network parameters. CSPs are focused on becoming leaders, not only on being followers.

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Aleksandra Orłowska

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