Comarch DMS Infostore

The joint R&D effort which began in April 2009 between Comarch and Solitas from Switzerland for the development of a new group of products for document management has finally been completed. In terms of functionality the results of these activities are a continuation and extension of the Infostore iSeries product line from Solitas. The most important change is the ability to break free from the iSeries hardware platform. As part of the R&D project a state of the art electronic document repository and a new version of the client application were developed.

By working with Solitas, Comarch extended its offering of DMS Document Management System solutions, by adding not only new products, but also new distribution markets (Switzerland, Germany).

Comarch's portfolio of document management products now includes a group of products based on more than 10 years of Comarch's experience in implementing solutions within the scope of information flow management in large enterprises and 18 years of Solitas' experience in implementations for small and medium sized companies.

The new solution will be presented between the 2nd and 6th of March, 2010 at CeBIT 2010, the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Software and Services Trade Fair in Hannover.

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