Convergent Billing System

Comarch Convergent Charging, Billing and Revenue Management

Comarch Convergent Billing System delivers convergent charging with real-time data control, dedicated for any type of service including mobile (3G, 4G, 5G and beyond), television, fixed, VPNs and collaboration services, billing and revenue management for B2B2X relations with customers and partners with full financial chain control. Thanks to full flexible capabilities in the pricing and charging model and algorithm definitions, the billing platform is ready for new technologies and services such as 5G with network slicing as well as globally provided or simple mobile services with commonly used bundles of data, minutes or SMS. 

When it comes to settlements, multi-currency, multi-taxation and multi-party arrangements are covered, with any variation of document creation for customers and partners. It can play the role of an invoice hub and single, common, convergent invoice management for telecoms for any type of service that can be generated for customers. Natively, it cooperates with product catalog and digital channels supporting online presentation of the information for customers connected with usage or financial data presentation, allowing real-time reporting and providing data for analytical tools. The operations team gets an intelligent tool with AI/ML algorithms in place, which helps in day-by-day work during the bill run process or matching payments with invoices.

Supporting TM Forum Open API

Comarch's full ODA-compliant portfolio currently has 12 APIs in accordance with Open API. The architecture of the systems and the company’s approach is already in line with Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and the organization remains motivated to continue with the certification. 

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Orange Luxembourg contracts Comarch for complete BSS overhaul

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Benefits of the Comarch Convergent Billing System

Full flexibility in price and cost management

From simple models based on units or bundles (including a sharing model) up to prices based on thresholds with revenue share streams.

One-stop Invoice and hub billing

Aggregation of data from numerous billing tools to generate a single invoice.

One platform for all players in the ecosystem

Single online charging system (OCS) telecom platform for multi-sided settlements with customers and partners, with coverage of multilayered complex company hierarchy and multi-branch, multi-department support.

Ready for global expansion

Multi-currency, multi-taxation, multi-language support.

Simple real-time usage and cost control view

Increase responsiveness and take a proactive approach thanks to accurate information supplied at the right time. 

5G ready

Simplify settlements between various parties, in order to deliver complex products to end-customers.

3GPP compliant

Following standards, readiness for new technologies and new interfaces.

Management of B2B2X relations with customers and partners

Convergent charging with real-time data control, dedicated for any type of service, with full financial chain control.

Optimize billing and revenue management in your business

Doing business globally in the digital era means getting to grips with all manner of challenges. Quite apart from the fact that different customers in various parts of the world operate in their own time zones, there is also the question of multiple languages and currencies, and fluctuating exchange rates that impact customer charges. To deliver their services globally, providers sign agreements with partners all over the world. From the customer perspective, it is important and convenient to have only one agreement with their provider resulting in a single invoice, no matter where access or service is established.

Comarch Convergent Billing system satisfies digital customer expectations in terms of online rating and charging for all types of services, defining applicable limits and controlling them online, and sending immediate notifications about current costs and possible upsell opportunities. With revenue management software for telecoms in place, customers can make changes online, including limit threshold modification, extending data allowances, and activating additional SMS, minutes or data packages.

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Eric Figueras, Vice-President and CTO

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