Key Enablers for Telco Unification and Globalization

Telecommunication globalization: The challenges of doing business globally

Doing business globally in the digital era means getting to grips with all manner of challenges. Quite apart from the fact that different customers in various parts of the world operate in their own time zones, there are also the questions of multiple languages and currencies, and fluctuating exchange rates.

Yet there is no question that digitization and globalization are upon us, and businesses that intend to thrive in this modern reality must take steps to ensure they have the right technical solutions in place. Such solutions must take into account the aforementioned differences in language, time and currency. They also need to facilitate platforms that are accessible to all partners, quickly, easily, from any location, and in real time. They need to be flexible enough to meet the needs of partners at different levels of technological maturity and operating their own business models. And, above all, solutions aimed at telecommunication globalization and unification must be secure, so that each partner can be assured that all possible steps are taken to prevent cyberattacks. It is possible to address these challenges by managing services in one place to offer a single, common solution that allows multi-stage modeling of offers tailored for each customer.

Addressing the issues of telecommunication globalization

Comarch provides solutions that are flexible and allow you to model any type of service from SLAs to offers thanks to the central catalog of products quotation and sales processes are modeled according to the catalog-driven concept, with certain first steps omitted at subsequent stages. Importantly, the first quotation is carried out instantly, with only such elements as are necessary being replenished and the catalog enforcing technical parameters. The entire quotation process, including communication with partners, is automated regardless of whether tentative or final amounts are received. multi-currency is fully supported, which means an offer can be received in one common currency irrespective of where the company branch is located and the price list through which the original supplier received valuations from the local partner.

Full multi-tenancy means partners from all over the world can access only their own processes and clients, and we run constant status checks – implementing flexible case management to ensure that we can verify the set SLA levels and adhere to problem solving times.

What we deliver

Comarch’s solution is a central place for modeling services around the world, with automated data-based quotation using data from anywhere at any time, in different currencies. Cash flow control is guaranteed by cost and sales page management.

Comarch’s solutions for globalization and unification have been successfully implemented by ngena, the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance which allows telcos around the world to deliver their services in a revolutionary manner and on a global scale.

Case study: ngena

When ngena was established, the goal was to bring together the world’s leading telcos and allow them to provide data connectivity services anywhere, based on a shared network. Virtualization and automation technologies meant that such a vision could be realized effectively, letting ngena members deliver standardized, secure, easily-deployed, consistent and innovative hybrid VPN services globally.



The key to success lay in finding the right BSS/OSS solution that could combine CRM (customer relationship management), billing, self-service, order management, service fulfillment and assurance across the board. Comarch’s BSS/OSS proved to be a perfect answer, ticking all the boxes. Not only was Comarch able to provide a solution that suited ngena’s innovative business model perfectly. The service delivery platform based on software-defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) allowed ngena also to extend its VPN services and delivery methods by moving away from traditional labor-intensive manual processes and towards a maximum of automation.

The result is that ngena’s alliance partnerscan provide multinational customers with secure, standardized, stable, relatively uncomplicated and easy to deploy global hybrid VPN services.



Anna Kozłowska-Jarosz
Anna Kozłowska-Jarosz
BSS Product Manager

Anna Kozłowska-Jarosz is an experienced professional with more than 13 years of work in the telecommunications industry, specializing in the fields of product catalog, charging and billing.

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