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The symbiosis between artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things pushes back the boundaries of innovation a little further every year. These technologies lie at the heart of new telecommunication strategies focused on the automation of sales, network maintenance and operations, and customer experience, helping networks to deliver fully assured products and services efficiently, smoothly and most of all profitably, at higher speeds and with vastly reduced costs and margin for error.

That inspired Comarch’s 2019 telco campaign - #DestinationAutomation.

#DestinationAutomation is a six-part series, featuring video explainers backed up with in-depth white papers. The campaign examines current use cases and possibilities connected with automation in telecommunications, but also encourages telcos to look to the future, to envision bold strategies for the future, and to innovate to turn those strategies into fully monetized reality.

Acknowledging the fact that the Internet of Things is now embedded in our digital reality and inextricably linked with the physical world, the first episode offers a practical guide to sales automation. Then, there’s an opportunity to learn how automation can enhance and optimize field service management.

Episode three argues compellingly for the adoption of cloud computing technologies at telecommunications companies, leaving no doubt about the positive impact that this can have on automation processes and the scale of potential added value that such a step can bring.

The emergence of 5G technology, already being rolled out now, is one of the most groundbreaking developments in telecommunications in recent years. High speed transfers, low latency and previously unheard of capacity for carrying data make this technology ripe for automation. Indeed, the scales and speeds involved mean it would be hard to imagine operators coming anywhere close to realizing the full potential of 5G using traditional, manual methods – so we look in episode four at how telcos can adapt to 5G, examining the full network automation journey.

Finally, digitization means information, and information means money, so the final two episodes of our #DestinationAutomation campaign examine concrete ways of automating data exploitation in networks. Episode five focuses on machine learning for baseline generation and anomaly detection, while the final episode, and episode six gets to the heart of automated data discovery using business intelligence solutions.

The journey to #DestinationAutomation begins here. Join us now.


Magdalena Leśniak

Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialist in the Telecoms division. Digital media enthusiast who coordinates several online projects such as the #ReinventingTelecoms campaign. Much involved in the process of preparing this blog from scratch, and constantly striving to develop the platform.


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