Comarch, a global software house and system integrator, today announced the successful implementation of its Smart BSS Suite for simpli services, a subsidiary of ORS (Austrian Broadcasting Services).

Thanks to Comarch Smart BSS Suite simpli services successfully launched a new digital terrestrial platform – simpliTV. Comarch’s all-in-one compact solution ensures that ORS together with simpli services can benefit from fast and efficient subscriber activation, flexible product catalog operations as well as effective billing & revenue management capabilities.

With the main goal of improving customer experience, Comarch’s solution presents a number of benefits for simpliTV’s end users. An intuitive and user-friendly self-care portal, where customers can manage their data and services on-line. Easy registration – a set-top box purchased at a store can be activated by following a few simple steps via a call center or a web-based portal. The integration of a self-care portal with a CRM system makes the customer service process even more efficient. The system also ensures full integration with the existing financial system, thus improving customer experience in the area of payment processing.

Comarch Smart BSS Suite deployed for simpli services covers eight main areas – CRM, product catalog, service activation, self-care, billing, trouble ticketing, APIs and Web Shop. The system ensures the support of end-to-end processes including sales support, order-to-activation, collection management and problem-to-solution.

- Comarch has really lived up to our expectations in terms of engaging in the implementation and their technical expertise. We outlined a very ambitious deadline for the project and Comarch adjusted their offer to fit our needs, ensuring the perfect level of resources to support our goals. Following the successful launch of simpliTV we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Comarch in the future while extending our offer and addressing the needs of new target groups, such as corporate clients, – said Dominique Löpfe, Project Manager, ORS/simpli services.

Comarch and ORS will jointly implement the next phase of the project for simpli services. New features will be configured to support the changes in the service portfolio offered by simpliTV, and the introduction of offers directed towards business customers. 

- Our ambition was to provide simpli services, the subsidiary of ORS, with a solution that would best serve their objective of obtaining a dynamic market share increase and end customer satisfaction. The client wanted the solution to be user-friendly, intuitive and efficient – exactly the characteristics of Comarch Smart BSS Suite. We believe that Comarch Smart BSS Suite is the best choice for all companies looking for a light solution to be implemented in the short term, to stay within strict investment and maintenance budgets and with the option of using it locally or in the cloud, – said Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, Head of BSS Solutions at Comarch.

About simpliTV
simpliTV is a TV-product of simpli services GmbH & Co KG. simpli services is a subsidary of Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS comm). ORS comm is responsible for construction and establishment of DVB-T and DVB-T2 in Austria. simpliTV is responsible for sales to the end-consumer. About 90% of all Austrians in state capital, big cities and their neighbourhood can watch simpliTV with indoor-, outdoor- and roof-antenna.

For using simpliTV, customers need a set-top-box or a CI+ Modul TV set which are HD-able. With the right receiving-sets the TV-customer can watch 40 great TV-programs, nine of them in HD-quality. Customers can watch ORF eins HD, ORF 2 HD and ServusTV HD for free, they only have to register. The customers can also watch up to 12 TV-programs in Austria for free.

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