Smart BSS

Comarch Smart BSS is a compact, complete pre-integrated convergent BSS solution that gives subscription-based service providers comprehensive management abilities in their business processes via Customer Management and Self Care applications. It’s the perfect choice for Tier 2 and Tier 3 telecom operators, new and existing MVNOs, including mobile, fixed, Internet, digital pay TV and satellite services providers, thanks to fast deployment and low costs.

Fully adaptable charging engine, allows us to manage specific lines of business (such as IoT) or services from any industry, both B2B and B2C. Short time to market and a process-oriented attitude makes Comarch Smart BSS the best solution for start-ups, already offering cloud-based services or in need of a swift launch of new digital services and OTT platforms.

The highly configurable Comarch Smart BSS allows the management of all subscription types, both pre-paid and post-paid, and the seamless creation of new product offers and specifications through the product catalog engine, which directly reduces time to market. The system speeds up the processes of managing and generating voucher codes. The integrated CRM module helps collect complete information on clients, enhancing customer experience and preventing churn through loyalty related functionalities. Comarch Smart BSS platform comes with a user-friendly personalized self-care portal and a built-in messaging functionality to simplify communication between companies and their customers. Comarch’s compact BSS solution saves time and money by optimizing operations, facilitating the day to day work of employees and significantly increasing their productivity.

Compact & convergent BSS solution - Comarch Smart BSS Benefits

Use one tool for any kind of billing process

Charge, invoice and bill any type of event, using rating functionality, manage billing data with any payment service providers.

Efficiently manage subscription-based businesse

More and more businesses are turning to the subscription-based model. Improve your cash flow management, business consistency and customers’ retention with Smart BSS tools.

Speed up managing voucher codes

Quickly generate and manage voucher codes (also used for marketing campaigns) thanks to the voucher and top-up management functionality.

Enhance customer experience

Improve customer service representatives and customer experience through web-based user interfaces (CRM, Self-Care, web-shop) and create 360-degree customer view with the compact CRM module. Segment your customer database, manage marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.

Decrease total cost of ownership

Get rid of legacy systems, with smooth and easy integration to third party systems and applications, multi-tenancy, multi-currency and various languages supported by Comarch Smart BSS.

Optimize your operations to save time and money

Optimize operational costs thanks to having a single platform that combines CRM, billing, charging, product catalog and service provisioning. Speed up and automate data processing thanks to the possibility to batch load service usage data from external systems.

Boost employee productivity

Automate mass processes (invoicing, dunning, reporting and part of customer communications) and give employees easy access to data through a single system.

Simplify system maintenance

Efficiently perform system maintenance and configuration with a user-friendly administration console and run all kinds of required reports with easy-to-use, built-in reports and diagram templates.

Launch an MVNO business within months

A pre-configured sets of processes and scenarios, specially adjusted to the MVNO’s needs (service providers, branded resellers etc.), makes it possible to launch an MVNO business in a very short time (even within 60 days).

Customize your approach to each MVNO

Convergent billing with a personalized product catalog enable you to individualize pricings and define competitive marketing strategies for each MVNO in one single place.

Create new products easily and fast

Create various product types, offerings and specifications using a built-in product catalog and shorten time-to-market for new services with simplified order management processes.

Speeding up Delivery of Digital Terrestrial TV Services with Comarch Smart BSS - Case Study

SimpliTV Case Study

Comarch has really lived up to our expectations in terms of engaging in the implementation and their technical expertise. We outlined a very ambitious deadline for the project and Comarch adjusted their offer to fit our needs, ensuring the perfect level of resources to support our goals. Following the successful launch of simpliTV we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Comarch in the future while extending our offer and addressing the needs of new target groups, such as corporate clients.

Dominique Löpfe, Project Manager, ORS/simpli services

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