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Implementation of Comarch Smart BSS Suite

SimplyTV ORS/Simply Services


simpliTV is a TV-product of simpli services GmbH & Co KG. simpli services is a subsidary of Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS comm). ORS comm is responsible for construction and establishment of DVB-T and DVB-T2 in Austria. simpliTV is responsible for sales to the end-consumer. About 90% of all Austrians in state capital, big cities and their neighbourhood can watch simpliTV with indoor-, outdoor- and roof antenna.

For using simpliTV, customers need a set-top-box or a CI+ Modul TV set which are HD-able. With the right receiving-sets the TV-customer can watch 40 great TV-programs, nine of them in HD-quality. Customers can watch ORF eins HD, ORF 2 HD and ServusTV HD for free, they only have to register. The customers can also watch up to 12 TV-programs in Austria for free.

The business need


To best support simpliTV’s business objectives, Comarch was ready to provide simpli services with a compact, smart and simple solution. Thanks to its ingenuity, Comarch Smart BSS Suite was implemented in a short time frame and the wide spectrum of its functions ensured the desired cost efficiency. This approach runs parallel with simpliTV’s philosophy of offering their subscribers simple registration and quick access to services at a competitive price. Such a convergent approach of both companies helped determine a successful partnership.

The challenge


simpli services, a subsidiary of the Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS), has launched an innovative terrestrial TV platform – simpliTV. Being a new player on the market, simpliTV began its business operations with an ambitious objective to win a market share of more than 12% for digital terrestrial reception. To achieve this, simpliTV needed to prove its competitive edge and convince potential customers that it is the best choice available. The company’s strategy was to show viewers how simple it was to register, activate the service, become a subscriber and benefit from its innovative and low-cost offer. The only way for ORS and simpli services to ensure this kind of customer experience was by implementing a tailored IT solution that would support all the necessary business processes and strategic objectives. 

Here is where Comarch stepped in and took full responsibility for achieving these goals thanks to Comarch Smart BSS Suite, a solution targeted at small and medium sized telecommunication operators and service providers. It covers eight main areas of operation – CRM, product catalog, service activation, self-care, billing, trouble ticketing, APIs and Web Shop – within an all-in-one compact solution. The system has been deployed to support end-to-end processes including sales support, order-to-activation, collection management and problem-to-solution and was perfectly capable of meeting the high expectations of ORS and simpli services.

The approach


Comarch was ready to deliver a flexible solution with an open, convergent architecture supporting ORS’s business needs in the long term by facilitating the future introduction of new, prepaid services, controlled in real-time. Apart from that, Comarch presented a customer experience-centric approach and designed the solution with the ultimate goal of improving user experience in everyday operations for simpliTV subscribers.

The solution


Comarch Smart BSS Suite is a modern product that can be used in two ways - as a standalone billing platform or a system that fully integrates with existing billing solutions. Comarch Smart BSS Suite is a CRM/BSS solution that covers the entire billing cycle area, from charging, billing and provisioning through to the generation of bills/invoices ending with payment management. The solution provides a full range of customer service including customer-oriented portals – CRM, Self Care and Web Shop.


  • Product Catalog: defines basic, individual products, as well as more sophisticated product bundles
  • Rating:

Standard charging and pricing models – in the case of a postpaid service the rating is performed based on subscription-based (recurring fee) billing
Rates & fees – different types of charges are supported by the system
Taxes – this module facilitates defining appropriate tax rules and locations that are associated with certain services

  • Billing & invoicing constitute the basic functions of the system that support any type of billing, including (but not limited to): subscription-based (recurring fee) billing, one-time fee billing, usagebased billing
  • Payment collection in a postpaid model is supported by a late payments component that creates simple dunning scenarios
  • Voucher Management is built into the solution to support managing vouchers and discounts regarding product subscriptions
  • CRM for managing data related to subscribers, resellers and agents, and for easy administration and management of services
  • Self Care provides the self-service abilities of a customer portal, thus allowing customers to easily order services, activate their subscription, modify personal data and control their payments
  • Web Shop ensures that customer orders are collected, validated and configured

The results


To successfully support the launch of simpliTV, Comarch delivered a smart system that contains all the necessary features to run daily business operations smoothly and, as a result, ensure subscriber satisfaction.

The first phase of the project was successfully completed within a very ambitious time frame corresponding with the scheduled launch of simpliTV. With the end users in focus, the implemented solution contains modules ensuring the best possible customer service, such as a user friendly web-based portal and CRM.

ORS benefits include:

Increased customer satisfaction

  • User-friendly customer service thanks to web-accessible portals for customers
  • Complete information concerning customers, thanks to CRM ensuring a 360-degree view
  • Easy customer access to self-management of services thanks to a self-service portal

Effective payment management

  • Full integration with SAP in terms of financial operations
  • The system supports a variety of payment methods as well as various taxation and dunning models
  • Efficient module for generating invoices and invoice images

Time and cost savings thanks to process optimization

  • Comprehensive reports concerning operations performed by the system
  • Flexible calculation of complex pricing scenarios
  • Automated order handling and trouble tickets execution

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