Implementation of Comarch Smart BSS Suite

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Client: simpliTV ORS / Simpli Services, Austria
Industry: Telecommunications
Implemented product:
Comarch Smart BSS Suite

simpliTV is a TV-product of simpli services GmbH & Co KG. simpli services is a subsidary of Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORS comm). ORS comm is responsible for construction and establishment of DVB-T and DVB-T2 in Austria. simpliTV is responsible for sales to the end-consumer. About 90% of all Austrians in state capital, big cities and their neighbourhood can watch simpliTV with indoor-, outdoor- and roof antenna.

For using simpliTV, customers need a set-top-box or a CI+ Modul TV set which are HD-able. With the right receiving-sets the TV-customer can watch 40 great TV-programs, nine of them in HD-quality. Customers can watch ORF eins HD, ORF 2 HD and ServusTV HD for free, they only have to register. The customers can also watch up to 12 TV-programs in Austria for free.

The approach

Comarch was ready to deliver a flexible solution with an open, convergent architecture supporting ORS’s business needs in the long term by facilitating the future introduction of new, prepaid services, controlled in real-time. Apart from that, Comarch presented a customer experience-centric approach and designed the solution with the ultimate goal of improving user experience in everyday operations for simpliTV subscribers.

Implemented product

Comarch Smart BSS Suite is a modern product that can be used in two ways - as a standalone billing platform or a system that fully integrates with existing billing solutions. Comarch Smart BSS Suite is a CRM/BSS solution that covers the entire billing cycle area, from charging, billing and provisioning through to the generation of bills/invoices ending with payment management. The solution provides a full range of customer service including customer-oriented portals – CRM, Self Care and Web Shop.


  • Product Catalog: defines basic, individual products, as well as more sophisticated product bundles
  • Rating:
    Standard charging and pricing models – in the case of a postpaid service the rating is performed based on subscription-based (recurring fee) billing

    Rates & fees – different types of charges are supported by the system
    Taxes – this module facilitates defining appropriate tax rules and locations that are associated with certain services
  • Billing & invoicing constitute the basic functions of the system that support any type of billing, including (but not limited to): subscription-based (recurring fee) billing, one-time fee billing, usagebased billing
  • Payment collection in a postpaid model is supported by a late payments component that creates simple dunning scenarios
  • Voucher Management is built into the solution to support managing vouchers and discounts regarding product subscriptions
  • CRM for managing data related to subscribers, resellers and agents, and for easy administration and management of services
  • Self Care provides the self-service abilities of a customer portal, thus allowing customers to easily order services, activate their subscription, modify personal data and control their payments
  • Web Shop ensures that customer orders are collected, validated and configured

The results

To successfully support the launch of simpliTV, Comarch delivered a smart system that contains all the necessary features to run daily business operations smoothly and, as a result, ensure subscriber satisfaction.

The first phase of the project was successfully completed within a very ambitious time frame corresponding with the scheduled launch of simpliTV. With the end users in focus, the implemented solution contains modules ensuring the best possible customer service, such as a user friendly web-based portal and CRM.


ORS benefits include:

Increased customer satisfaction

  • User-friendly customer service thanks to web-accessible portals for customers
  • Complete information concerning customers, thanks to CRM ensuring a 360-degree view
  • Easy customer access to self-management of services thanks to a self-service portal

Effective payment management

  • Full integration with SAP in terms of financial operations
  • The system supports a variety of payment methods as well as various taxation and dunning models
  • Efficient module for generating invoices and invoice images

Time and cost savings thanks to process optimization

  • Comprehensive reports concerning operations performed by the system
  • Flexible calculation of complex pricing scenarios
  • Automated order handling and trouble tickets execution

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