A1 Telekom Austria Group Case Study

Implementation of Comarch M2M Platform

Telekom Austria Group M2M was founded in 2011 and is wholly owned by Telekom Austria Group, the leading telecommunications provider in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million customers across its markets. Telekom Austria Group, with headquarters in Vienna, addresses its markets with strong local brands in Austria (A1), Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Croatia (Vipnet) and many more. Telekom Austria Group M2M scores with a strong regional footprint, a vast international network of strategic partners and roaming coverage in approximately 200 countries worldwide.

The company is strongly rooted in the M2M business units of its local mobile network providers in the eight countries and consolidates over 10 years of experience and know-how into one specialized and streamlined organization. To address the rapidly growing field of M2M, the company provides premium connectivity solutions and value-added services to international customers in a wide range of industries. Telekom Austria Group M2M enables completely new business models that result in process optimization, improved resource allocation and substantial cost reduction.

The Approach

Comarch was ready to deliver a licensed platform with full outsourcing of operations and hosting of hardware and software. This efficient approach enabled Telekom Austria Group to maintain a fully independent platform and keep costs under control.

The Business Need

Looking to expand their business, Telekom Austria Group decided to enter the machine-to-machine (M2M) market and estabilished a dedicated spin-off company for M2M in September 2011. The company mainly sddresses B2B customers and solution partners with the objective of becoming the leading M2M boutique provider in the CEE region.

The Challenge

Telekom Austria Group was looking to support their new business with a platform that would meet the following requirements:

  • Provide the highest flexibility to fulfill the company’s boutique provider strategy
  • Offer superior efficiency to enable high volume and low margin business conditions
  • Enable dynamic development of features
  • Support automated, end-to-end business processes
  • Deliver services in a multinational set-up supporting the group structure
  • Ensure full operational independence

The Solution

Comarch M2M Platform is a modular solution based on Comarch COTS products from BSS and OSS domains combined with M2M-specific dashboards, processes and configurations.

The Functionalities:

  • Convergent Billing responsible for rule-based pricing of usage fees related to all M2M services offered by the operator; all services are controlled and charged in real-time
  • Product Catalog delivers a wide spectrum of functions related to product definition
  • M2M Dashboards come with a set of dynamic charts and summary tables, supported by reporting and statistics modules
  • Trouble Ticketing module that handles customer contact and support
  • Order Management for managing SIM card orders
  • Resource Management for controlling and storing M2M SIM cards and managingtheir lifecycle, as well as the lifecycles of MSISDN numbers and IMSI ranges
  • SIM Cards Monitoring with custom rules
  • Provisioning Module for activating services in the network and support SIM Lifecycle Management
  • Business Process Management ensures automation of end-to-end processes, responsible for the orchestration of all business activities, as well as the creation of automatic and manual tasks, and the appropriate distribution of tasks between platform users
  • CRM facilitates stakeholder management
  • B2B Gateway is responsible for the safe exposure of all the platform’s features to multiple partners via easy-to-use interfaces (Web Services)
  • Self-Care Portal for customers streamlines customer management by enabling web-based self-service and the automation of bulk SIM management processes
  • AAA and Policy Management function enable service and policy controlm, as well as integration with various network components

The Results

The Comarch M2M Platform has enabled Telekom Austria Group to readily respond to the needs of the machine to-machine market with the highest flexibility and scalability. Customers have full control of their services, with features customized to their needs. This gives them the independence to function with minimal operator involvement. Fullscale platform management allows easy implementation of business processes in the value chain - from ordering, activation, operation, pricing to invoicing. 

Why Comarch?

"We chose Comarch because their existing product portfolio provided a good basis for the platform. More importantly, Comarch was able to prove their ability to quickly develop custom features upon request. We believe that in dynamically growing markets, flexibility and customer orientation are the keys to success. The set-up we have chosen with Comarch helps us deliver just that."

A1 Telekom Austria Group High Management Representative

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