5 Ways to Save Money with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Webinar Summary

Optimizing costs and resources is one of the top priorities of communication service providers. And, while CSPs want to keep saving money, they also need to provide a better service and improve customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine learning (ML), can help them achieve that goal. However, operators need to learn the potential (and limitations) that come with these new technologies.

So, what can we learn from the latest webinar, “AI Solutions to Save Money in the Telco Business”, about optimizing costs using AI?

Save Money with Artificial Intelligence

AI in BSS bill-shock prevention and detection of charging & billing usage anomalies use case

ML-driven technologies provide great opportunities for telecommunication operators to improve their business. Solutions such as bill-shock prevention and automated detection of charging & billing usage anomalies can help CSPs provide better customer service and save money by reducing the potential for mistakes in billing and charging. We know that humans and machines can and do make mistakes. This is where ML can step in and detect anomalies before they become a visible problem to the customer.

AI and ML in OSS and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics: AI Control Desk and other automated solutions

As modern technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things demand innovations, flexibility and faster networks, CSPs need to look for ways to adjust their business to new, technology-driven reality. We believe that ML lies at the center of this new reality. And we’re not even thinking about the distant future, as artificial intelligence and machine learning are today helping telco businesses match the speed of evolving technologies. Automated solutions such as AI control desk and smooth integration can provide telecoms with a helping hand that speeds up the process and daily operations.

Save money with AI, but be wise

Optimizing costs, improving business and raising the level of customer experience can be achieved by introducing AI into your organization. But you have to do it wisely – choose the solutions that are not only hyped, but can actually help your firm.

If you’d like to learn the details about these and more AI-driven technologies, and discover how they can help your organization save money and grow, watch the whole video from our webinar “AI Solutions to Save Money in the Telco Business”.


Jakub Porzycki, PhD
Jakub Porzycki, PhD
Director of Machine Learning Department

With my team, I'm responsible for the delivery of AI/ML solutions in telco products, supporting both operational and business support systems. I have commercial and academic experience in solving complex problems using a wide range of AI methods.


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