The role of new medical technologies during the pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has changed more than just our lifestyle and daily habits. It has made access to medical facilities much more difficult; for a long time, patient care was limited only to urgent cases. For people in high-risk groups, even one trip from home can be extremely dangerous. All this made patients and doctors increasingly appreciative of telemedicine and the use of associated new technologies such as teleconsultations, remote health monitoring, and sharing health records from without the need to leave home.


The use of modern technologies allows care to be provided outside of medical facilities, which greatly lessens the need to leave home for a lot of patients. In the current situation, when each visit to a clinic or hospital carries a risk of SARS-Cov-2 infection, telemedicine has become a necessity. Using a computer or smartphone, patients can send health records, vitals measurements such as blood pressure or temperature, and take advantage of video consultations. This is especially beneficial for:

  • People at risk of severe COVID-19 (mainly chronically ill people and seniors)
  • Disabled people
  • Pregnant women
  • People living in places with difficult access to medical care

High-risk patients should limit leaving home to a minimum, and preferably should not go out at all. Unfortunately, they are often seniors and people with chronic diseases who must monitor vital signs constantly, and regularly consult a physician. At Comarch, we are aware of those needs and provide telemedicine solutions that effectively support doctors and patients. Among them are:


People over 65 are at higher risk during a pandemic. Their immunity is often lower, and chronic diseases are an additional burden. Therefore, care for seniors should be a priority at this time.

First of all, seniors should try to stay at home as much as possible. Any outing comes with a risk of coronavirus infection. Unfortunately, we all have to limit contact with loved ones, especially seniors. This separation carries a risk of another nature. An elderly person may have an accident, fall down, or feel unwell while staying alone at home. The phone is not always at hand, especially when something bad happens, for example, in the bathroom.

Comarch Life Wristband is a device that ensures the safety of seniors 24/7. It is a health monitoring band that enables rapid and direct contact with medical personnel. The Comarch Life Wristband has a heart rate sensor, GPS module, SOS button, and the function of initiating and receiving calls. It constantly sends information to the Remote Medical Care Center for analysis by qualified medical staff. If an SOS signal or other disturbing data are sent, a paramedic contacts the patient and, if necessary, calls an ambulance. The closest relatives are also informed about the event. The Comarch Life Wristband helps to lessen the worry about the condition of our loved ones, of whom we cannot take care directly due to the pandemic.

Comarch Life Wristband


Remote monitoring allows observation of patients' health outside medical facilities, which, under current circumstances is the safest and the most convenient option. Chronically ill patients are at risk of severe COVID-19. Their immune systems, weakened by other diseases, cope with the new virus the worst. This applies in particular to people with

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
This group of patients needs continuous, regular health monitoring, but right now, face to face medical appointments aren't safe for them. Remote monitoring simplifies the treatment process by enabling simple and effective data sharing and consultations without leaving home, which reduces the risk of contact with potentially infected people. However, the key role of modern health monitoring technologies is to facilitate early problem detection and response. This is possible thanks to the telemedicine platform that receives and processes data from measuring devices, applications, and systems for remote monitoring.

Among innovative devices that support chronically ill people during the pandemic are:

  • Comarch PMA - a solution for performing remote Holter ECG tests
  • Comarch CardioVest - a comfortable vest with innovative textile electrodes
  • Comarch SMA - a set for home health monitoring, which consists of a tablet with a dedicated application and integrated measuring devices.

Automatically transmitted data (measurements of health parameters) are analyzed in terms of trends and values ​​outside of the norm, which allows early detection of any abnormalities and threats. Efficient and regular contact with medical staff makes it easier to maintain good health, reduces the risk of complications, can save some visits to the ER, and shorten the time of hospitalization when visits are unavoidable.


Despite the prevailing epidemiological situation, some people are still working in their offices. In some places, employees undergo a few tests before they start work each day. Temperature measurements have become a standard for people entering company premises. The possibility of testing the most important health parameters at any place and time is the main advantage of our Diagnostic Points.

Comarch Diagnostic Point, which is available in stationary and mobile form, includes devices and software that allow quick and simple measurements of basic health parameters. The system automatically determines whether the result is correct, and allows data to be sent to the Remote Medical Care Center for additional analysis and preparation of recommendations for the user.

Comarch Diagnostic Point

By staying at home during the epidemic, we behave responsibly and protect not only ourselves but also others. However, we must still monitor our condition. It is crucial to contact a physician if you develop a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. Therefore, it is necessary to take temperature measurements and record disturbing symptoms. This can be done easily using the Comarch HealthNote application, which is a modern Internet health diary. It allows you to collect medical records, save vital signs measurements, view them in the form of charts and tables, and share data with physicians via email, SMS, or the cloud.

Thanks to a specially designed survey, the Comarch HealthNote application will also help in assessing the risk of coronavirus infection and inform you what to do in the event that infection is suspected.

 Comarch HealthNote


The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the daily lives of people around the world. We avoid leaving home, and fear of infection accompanies us every day. New technologies, which are increasingly used in medicine, allow for constant monitoring of health at home, facilitating care for all vulnerable people in the current situation. The development of medical technologies, artificial intelligence, the use of algorithms, and other IT solutions all contribute to the improvement of medical care and helps healthcare institutions to reduce costs and support their staff.

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