Comarch HealthNote

Searching for medical records, necessary during each doctor's appointment, can be time-consuming and difficult. This is why we need solutions to improve the process of storing and sharing health records.

Comarch HealthNote is an internet health diary that enables collecting complete and current medical records directly in the mobile application and sharing them with physicians.

This way, all information is available at hand, anytime, anywhere. The data are stored in a secure Comarch EHR cloud, so there is no risk of losing them

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Benefits of Comarch HealthNote

Who can use Comarch HealthNote?


Download the app or use the web version to collect your medical history in one place, always at hand!

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Open to see your patients’ data and get to know their health history.

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Medical facilities

Integrate facilities' software (HIS/EHR) with Comarch HealthNote to improve communication with patients and help them to better care for health.

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  • Entering and describing medical documentation (scanning in the app and transmitting in the web version)
  • Entering measurements of health parameters (e.g. blood pressure, temperature, glycemia) and test results
  • Registering symptoms
  • Sharing data with physicians easily and quickly 
  • Automatic data import from integrated medical facilities
  • Integration with applications (e.g. Google Fit, Apple Health)
  • Graphic data presentation in the form of charts 
  • Data and connection encryption, securing the app with a PIN, Face ID or fingerprint

Ecosystem of products for healthcare

Comarch HealthNote is part of a comprehensive ecosystem of healthcare products, consisting of EHR, Telemedicine, Hospital and Medical AI Clouds. Integration of these platforms ensures coordinated healthcare, and supports patients, their families, and medical personnel.

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