Comarch EHR Cloud

Comarch EHR Cloud is a secure data archive created to provide efficient, coordinated health care. Information is uploaded from medical facilities (Hospital Information Systems), laboratories, diagnostic points, telemedicine platforms and patient applications (Comarch HealthNote). Data are collected in one place, regardless of their origin. Comarch EHR Cloud is an interoperable platform, open to third-party solutions. Free integration is possible by the use of IHE profiles for data transfer and documentation standards based on HL7CDA and PIK HL7CDA.

Sources of data transmitted to the Comarch EHR Cloud

Ecosystem of products for healthcare

Comarch Healthcare offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products, consisting of EHR, Telemedicine, Hospital and Medical AI Clouds. Integration of these platforms ensures coordinated healthcare, and supports patients, their families, and medical personnel.

Comarch EHR Cloud benefits

Gathering comprehensive, up to date medical records in one place

Interoperability with third-party systems

Scalability and flexibility, matching customers’ needs

Coordination and improvement of medical care

Saving time for patients and medical personnel

Security of sensitive data

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