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Keep your productivity level unchanged, no matter where you work from

These days, home office is a standard, but working remotely requires to take special effort in order to guarantee seamless and secure connection to your company resources. Assuring business continuity in a changing environment is a primary concern for all types of organizations, but it’s a top priority for those dealing with sensitive data. 

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Address the challenges of mass remote work with Comarch remote working software

Comarch provides a comprehensive set of tools that will prepare your organization for effective remote work. Our solutions allow you to set up a secure VPN connection, and supply your employees with a mobile app acting as a 2-Factor Authentication tool. You can determine data access permissions based on employee location, with your business processes running as usual, supported by remote document signing. Find out more about ERP systems in Comarch cloud. The cloud eliminates the need to invest in server infrastructure, licenses, and preliminary hardware configuration.

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Comarch remote working system:

All the components of Comarch remote working software are compatible with Comarch tPro Mobile smart mobile token. It provides multiple authentication methods, including biometrics, and ensures protection against identity theft, man-in-the-browser, man-in-the-middle, phishing, and other types of attacks.

Gains for your organization:


Don’t slow down your operations. Grant your employees uninterrupted access to company resources with a solution that can service up to 50 VPN requests per second

Cost savings

3 times lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in comparison to other solutions on the market. No additional costs incurred, unlike in the case of SMS OTP authentication

Strong authentication

be sure that the person accessing your corporate environment is exactly the one that has a permission for that. Our tools provide the highest available level of security with 2FA – a must have for financial institutions

Security first

keep your data secure from unauthorized access. Regardless of your area of operation, your data, agreements, or source codes remain secure. Be sure that even working remotely, your organization processes sensitive data in line with GDPR and PSD2 requirements


increase the number of employees with remote access as needed. You can plan your switch to mass remote work in stages

Easy onboarding

make it smooth for your employees to get their home office up and running

Data access rights based on user location

be sure that employees who work remotely are staying where they should. You can limit access to specific company resources from given locations: abroad, or outside of EU

Remote document signing

ensure the continuity of processes that require additional authorization. Our tool can be used to authorize agreements and other documents circulating between you and your clients or vendors

Remote work monitoring software

provide your employees with a simple application to indicate their work attendance and calculate their working time

Our competences have been confirmed by international certificates

During the process of remote working software implementation, you benefit from our wide experience in the area of IT security, confirmed by branch-specific certificates.


I am glad that as the Financial Sector at Comarch, we have been developing our products in the Cyber Security area for years. When the pandemic appeared, along with the necessity to work remotely on a massive scale, our solution allowed the whole company to effectively address this challenge.

I am talking about our VPN infrastructure integrated with the Comarch tPro mobile token.

I am personally very pleased that this solution is not only secure, but also intuitive for the end user. And so, it allows for effective implementation of current contracts and efficient work on further development of our business.

Andrzej Przewięźlikowski, Head of Comarch Financial Services

Remote working software tested on ourselves: Comarch switch to mass remote work

If you are looking for the guarantee that our solution is suitable even for big organizations – take our own example. The tPro Mobile application provides stable VPN access to more than 5000 Comarch employees all over the world. During the switch to mass remote work, the solution scaling and performance tests took us only 3 days. Remote work solutions that we sell are now in use within our company.

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A quick change to the remote work model, and the provision of a secure authentication method for our employees were largely possible thanks to the Comarch VPN solution, and a 2FA application – tPro Mobile.

Marcin Warwas, Head of Comarch Services

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