Service Quality Management

Comarch Service Quality Management (SQM) transforms traditional network-centric performance management into customer-centric telco service quality management. The insight into customers’ perceptions of service quality enables the prioritization of network performance management based on the forecasted influence on customer experience. Comarch SQM enables you to become proactive in managing service quality by preventing customers from experiencing service problems, thanks to trend analyses and prediction capabilities.

The digital era has raised customer expectations in relation to both the range and the quality of services that your company offers. Traditional network and telco service quality management is no longer enough to keep your customers satisfied. Today you need to manage service quality proactively, so that you can prevent any customer issues before they even arise.


Service Quality Management - Comarch Solution Benefits

Monitor services implemented on any network

Managing services implemented on heterogeneous multi-vendor, multi-domain networks and delivery platforms serviced by partners is a real challenge. With Comarch SQM you can easily monitor and manage the quality of digital services delivered through complex value chains.

Get an insight into customer perception of service quality

By transforming network-centric KPIs into customer service-centric KPIs/KQIs, you get an insight into your customers’ perceptions of service quality. The quality metrics take into account how different services are being implemented on the network, and what their requirements are regarding network performance – the same network KPI may have a different impact on each service and, ultimately, on customer experience.

Prevent customer service degradation proactively

Comarch SQM lets you protect customers from experiencing service quality deterioration. This kind of proactivity is enabled through trend analysis and prediction capabilities. Pre-integration with NG Service Assurance provides the benefit of a quality of service (QoS) threshold alarm mechanism, which allows alerts to be raised early enough to prevent customer incidents.

Optimize your network investments

Comarch SQM not only detects customer QoS issues, but can also pin them down to an underlying network KPI and identify network bottlenecks. By pre-integrating the solution with NG Network Planning you can create a closed-loop system, which detects network congestion, identifies the network areas that should be optimized, and can monitor the results of such optimization.

Service Quality Management - Key Features

Predefined library of KPIs

Based on our experience, we have built a library of KPIs that help customers to quickly gain business benefits from Service Quality Management implementation.

Simulation (sandboxes)

If the standard set of KPIs is not enough, the system provides an easy way of defining specific KPIs via configuration. It gives the service operator the option to create their own sandboxes, in which the business logic used to calculate KPIs can be tested before applying it to a production environment.

Configurable set of data collectors

Service Quality Management needs to have access to precise data relevant for the services, and this might be stored in a number of different systems. Comarch SQM allows data collections to be defined on the fly, so that precisely appropriate information can be retrieved.

Integrated service monitoring

Service Quality Management is able to generate specialized TCE events (Threshold Crossing Events) which can be correlated with events originating from different sources to automate root-cause analysis. The result of the analysis is presented graphically on a service tree to give the service operator a quick insight into the current situation.

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Optimizing Performance Management and Service Quality - Case Study

With their modern and innovative OSS portfolio, Comarch has repeatedly demonstrated strong and reliable business partnering with Vodafone. Comarch has provided high quality COTS products, coupled with their impeccable services to implement solutions on time and within budget, adapting swiftly to new business requirements arising during and post implementation. Considering dimensions such as: time-to-market; quality to market; customer obsession; agility; value; innovation, Comarch is a partner who invariably ticks all of the boxes. 

Shane Gaffney, Director of OSS, Central Europe, Vodafone 

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