KPN Case Study

Streamlining KPN’s Customer Experience With Comarch BSS

KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, offering fixed and wireless telephony, Internet and TV to consumers, and end-to-end telecommunications and ICT services to customers. KPN’s subsidiary, Getronics, operates a global ICT services company with a market-leading position in the Benelux, offering end-to-end solutions in infrastructure and networkrelated IT. In Germany and Belgium, KPN pursues a multibrand strategy in its mobile operations, and holds number three market positions through E-Plus and BASE. KPN provides wholesale network services to third parties and operates an efficient IP-based infrastructure on a global scale in international wholesale through iBasis.

The Business Need

KPN launched the project in order to build a solution able to support higher order intake, improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, shorten the time needed for customer implementation, reduce the number of KPN internal activities and cut costs. KPN’s vision is based on the assumption that, at some point, all customers, including both end users and partners/integrators will be able to perform self-setup in the most efficient and convenient way, and manage all telecom-related activities, as well as gain insight into detailed financial and customer data. The latter should be made possible through web services and B2B interfaces available across Europe, networks and technologies, and delivering services in a largely automated and monitored way, using a workflow management system.

The Implemented Products

The Concept

KPN decided to face the challenge together with Comarch, using the latter's billing and reporting system, based on Comarch BSS Suite modules (see frame on the right). The solution has been delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model, where Comarch is responsible for full hosting and housing activities, as well as for all daily activities necessary to keep the whole solution up and running.

The following areas are being streamlined by Comarch’s system at KPN MMS:

  • Portfolio management – as Online Portfolio Management from KPN’s corporate users’ perspective and Central Portfolio Management from KPN MMS perspective
  • Online implementation support – support for self-setup for end users partners/integrators, supported by Comarch Managed Services
  • Online cost center management – ability to self-manage Customer Cost Center hierarchy, including a reporting feature able to split telecom-related costs across different levels of customer hierarchy
  • Online financial control – access to all financial documents created for customers n Central price list management – CRUD of all price lists and elements done in a single place, automatically synchronized with other modules
  • Central price list management – CRUD of all price lists and elements done in a single place, automatically synchronized with other
  • Single customer contact and discounts management – a single point of customer management, with deep insight into customer structure, contracted services and discounts
  • Support for fulfillment automation processes – simplification of service management, easy integration with KPN’s own fulfillment platform
  • Pro-active service level management (SLM) – part of software as a service (SaaS)

The Results

  • Cost reduction:
    • CAPEX and OPEX reduction thanks to the SaaS model
    • Automation of the service activation processes and mass processes (orders and changes) and assuring high quality
  • Minimized investment risks:
    • Comarch shared the business risk of the project and was highly motivated to achieve KPN MMS’business goal
    • The managed services model meant adjusting the equipment in order to assure service efficiency
  • Improved customer experience:
    • Full control over the order to cash process
    • Fast verification of the invoiced charges and tariff optimization
  • Flexibility:
    • A comprehensive offer of services and equipment – flexibly joining services, terminals and accessories
    • Flexible approach

Why Comarch?

"The components of KPN's previous BSS system required vast amounts of manual work being carried out by its users. Finally, a decision was made to purchase a new, integrated solution, and Comarch matched our requirements perfectly."

Cees Versteeg, Director IT and Operations, KPN Managed Mobile Solutions

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