Why is Cloud Becoming a Major Driving Force for the Telecoms Industry?

Cloud as the Leader of the Digital Revolution in telecom industry

It has long been predicted that cloud will become the technology to rule the world. We see it in all markets – the cloud adoption rate is increasing rapidly, and the trend is considered unstoppable. In fact, its very ubiquity means the word “cloud” may soon disappear from the mainstream and end up somewhere in the buzzword graveyard. Yes, due to it being a fundamental element of modern systems and applications for business processes automation, the cloud is no longer out of the ordinary. It has become a standard, and soon the days of being hardware-dependent will be gone forever. And there are many reasons for this.

Cloud-based telecoms and telecommunication services

Taking the telecoms industry as an example, companies now talk openly about significant improvements in business efficiency, lower costs, and a higher level of security. The cloud movement is also responsible for telecom corporations acknowledging the value of products such as IoT connectivity, BSS/OSS, data analysis, and FSM. Allowing companies to stay focused on their customers’ needs, not only does the cloud streamline the delivery of data, but it also prevents office downtime. It makes things faster, more productive, and much easier to manage. Thus, it comes as no surprise that about 80% of CSPs are now using cloud-based telecommunication platforms and services to drive better business results. Not to mention that it has become pivotal for the remaining hardware-driven enterprises seeking to adapt to this new digital era. They don’t have much choice; without the cloud, they will not be able to keep up with their competition and, ultimately, in some years from now, they will be forgotten, just like the word “cloud” is expected to disappear in this context.

As a result of all the buzz surrounding cloud systems in telecom industry, it has also become quite challenging to find your way through what is available on the market. From any third-party’s perspective, cloud technology providers seem to be moving in a similar direction, and all of their products seem to share more than a few similar qualities. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Even though at first glance it may look as if all cloud systems and services are the same, they are, in fact, very different in terms of how their work, what they are for, and how much they cost. That’s why it is so crucial for any modern company to find a cloud provider whose products meet their needs – both on the financial and technological level.

How Does Comarch Come into Play?

To help telecom companies use cloud-based technology to its full potential, Comarch delivers an advanced cloud computing service that allows you to create, manage, and maintain business-relevant applications with ease, thanks to a complete set of dedicated tools and frameworks. Named Comarch Cloud Infraspace, it enables you to accelerate digital transformation, optimize costs, and gain a competitive advantage. How?

First, it provides best-in-class performance and availability of computing power thanks to its modern, fully outsourced, on-demand service architecture. As for the pricing of cloud services, this is entirely transparent and gives your company more flexibility, with the possibility to customize the payment program whenever you want.

What is more, Comarch Cloud Infraspace lets you cut operational costs and save from 50 to 80 per cent - depending on the nature of your business. The platform itself was designed with the telecom companies’ needs in mind, so it can be easily integrated with BSS, OSS, IoT, and FSM systems. Plus, Comarch’s solution has been equipped with high-end risk prevention mechanisms and the latest encryption methods to keep your data secure at all times.

Speaking of cloud-based telecom solutions, what makes Comarch Cloud Infraspace a perfect solution for telco companies is its multi-cloud management services. Letting you manage multiple cloud platforms (private, public, hybrid, third-party public, hosted private, or non-cloud infrastructure) at the same time, the services were created to meet all budget and performance requirements. In the end, with the use of our multi-cloud management services, your company will be able to transition from legacy architecture to the cloud in no time.

Digital Transformation is a Journey – and we Know the Way to the Destination

Having more than 25 years of experience in managing IT solutions designed for the telecommunications industry, we are well aware of what is expected of modern cloud-based telecommunication service platforms. That is why we consider ourselves not only a technology provider but also a supportive business partner. With our help, you will be able to focus more on developing your business – we’ll take care of managing your cloud infrastructure.

Want to know more about Comarch Cloud Infraspace? Follow the link to our official website.


Maciej Sikora
Maciej Sikora

Maciej is a creative copywriter at Comarch, currently responsible for producing engaging marketing content about advanced IT solutions for business management. He is genuinely interested in truly innovative technologies, storytelling in marketing, and human behavior. Outside work, he is a musician and writer.

Bartłomiej Chojnacki
Bartłomiej Chojnacki
Product Manager

Bartłomiej Chojnacki, a graduate of mathematics at the University of Wrocław, is currently Product Manager of Comarch Cloud Infraspace. His analytical mind and business approach makes him ideal for the role of determining the path of product development to meet clients' requirements. Outside work, he is a competitive squash player.

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