#ReinventingTelecoms campaign highlights the most vital innovations in the telecom business

Innovations in telecommunication industry technology have provided essential elements that make the digital revolution happen. Across the globe, most industries depend on communication service providers to deliver the critical network infrastructure and connectivity improvements to run and transform their business.

Reinventing Telecoms for the Digital Era

But so far, the role that CSPs played in the process of furthering the adoption of digital business models in other industries has not fully translated into competitive advantage for telecoms themselves. Under the pressure from OTT players and plagued by outdated business models, telecoms profits dwindle. In this fast-changing business environment, operators need to find what role they want to play and what that choice will entail.

Be it new partnerships and business models or venturing into unknown markets, telecoms need to reinvent themselves to get there – and that will require innovations in telecommunication industry technologies fitting their new digital operations.

In their transformation, CSPs will need a great deal of flexibility. Moving business and network processes into cloud native environments will give telecoms the chance to offer multi-device support, implement new services faster, facilitate data transfers, and achieve hardware independence.

This new-found flexibility will call for marketing its value to customers by creating an environment that’s easy to navigate for the user. Introducing omnichannel sales and marketing strategies that enable clients to move seamlessly across sales channels and devices during the purchase process, if not already done, will be a necessary step. As a result, optimized sales processes will let customers explore the full advantage of operators’ telecom innovations straight from their mobile phone, while also decreasing the workloads of customer agents.


Discover the innovations telecoms need to deploy to stay in the game


The Innovations You Need to Deploy to Stay in the Game

The multitude of potential roles that CSPs can play requires true readiness for the future, and the future is 5G. Networks need to be designed around it – through organizations of provider partners whose hardware can be dynamically utilized. Telecom innovations include virtualization technologies such as NFV (network function virtualization) and SDN (software defined networks), which will significantly help in enabling such cooperation and speeding up the deployment of digital services.

CSPs make strides to utilize the vast amounts of data they collect, but now the ongoing advances in telecom AI and machine learning enable aligning automation capabilities with data and processes to a much greater degree. In particular, assurance systems allowing predictive maintenance in network fault detection are going to be crucial for future telecom operations. Coupled with SON (self-organizing networks), these solutions will increase the efficiency network-related processes and lower the cost of network maintenance through the concept of automated, zero-touch network and service management.

Finally, sensor-embedded telecom equipment can be monitored and serviced by mobile technicians empowered by field service management solutions that use advanced analytics algorithms. Telecoms aiding their operations with comprehensive FSM systems will benefit from improved performance forecasting enabling predictive maintenance, greater fleet efficiency and minimizing network downtime.

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Małgorzata Siwiec-Kisiel
Małgorzata Siwiec-Kisiel
Marketing Director in the Telecommunications Business Unit

Małgorzata has been with Comarch for the past 10 years, contributing to various marketing projects, including website design, visual identity, event management and internet marketing. She has also delivered speeches at various marketing events, including the Internet2K14 conference in Warsaw.

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