Learn Successful Business Strategies for 5G Monetization

It’s fair to say that, without heavy investment in physical and virtual network infrastructure by communications service providers (CSP), 5G would never have got off the ground. So, it’s not unreasonable that telcos are now seeking ways to gain a rapid, realistic and reliable return on that investment. In other words, how can CSPs and DSPs (digital service providers) monetize 5G by creating new business models?

The latest episode of our campaign, and the accompanying white paper, answer this question. They find that the most promising areas for revenue growth lie in the enterprise sector, rather than traditional B2C revenue models.

In what way can telco industry use 5G for business to introduce and develop provided services

While B2C business models still have a place in the brave new 5G world, relying exclusively on this path can be restricted. The B2B sector, on the other hand, offers practically unlimited opportunities – and rewards – for telcos. This is largely due to network as a service models, which allow operators to provide network slices or even entire “private” networks to companies across a range of “smart” verticals that need the skills and expertise of telcos to help them develop and deploy 5G business strategies.

Roles of CSPs and DSPs in organizing business models based on 5G

Consider the concept of autonomous vehicles. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing development in this sphere, and driving innovation rapidly. Yet, for all their expertise in the automotive sector, “smart car” companies will get nowhere without the support of CSPs and DSPs. They need the kind of network services that 5G makes possible. In-house development and knowledge-building is one way to achieve this goal, but are at the same time costly and time-consuming. And that’s where telcos will find one of their most important routes to 5G monetization.

Thanks to 5G and NaaS, an operator can provide a private network or network slice to an autonomous vehicle developer – or in fact to any company operating in numerous “smart” verticals. Such a network or network slice can be highly automated, making it easy for the business customer to manage in-house, via an enterprise portal. It must also be highly customizable (to meet the needs of each sector and company within that sector), flexible enough to scale up or down according to requirements at any given time (not to mention future-proof), and secure. Most importantly, a network slice managed via an enterprise portal should give the customer the confidence that it can handle every aspect of their partnership relationships, however complex they may be.

Expand potential of 5G in business by using integrated portal for all network operations

For telcos, bringing the BSS stack to the stage of development required to meet these demands can appear daunting. But it doesn’t have to be – with the right partner. That’s where Comarch Enterprise Portal for B2B comes in. This solution handles billing and charging, services, monitoring, customer care, product catalog and data management for businesses of all sizes, and is automated, agile and secure. It’s a product that simplifies NaaS design and implementation, bringing the flexibility to configure various business services in any partnership relationship model.

Learn more about successful business strategies for 5G monetization by viewing the latest episode of our campaign here.


Bogumił Dąbrowski
Bogumił Dąbrowski
BSS Solution Manager

A big enthusiast of telecommunications systems, especially from the BSS side. Bogumił has many years of experience in the field of charging, rating, integration of BSS with telecom networks, implementation of modern services for operators, and many others. He is respected as a BSS consulting 5G expert by customers and colleagues.

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