How 5G Monetization Can Improve Potential of Your Enterprise

Are you taking your first steps in monetizing 5G networks? Or maybe you want to develop your company potential? The essence of successful monetization is planning a properly profiled business strategy based on the right elements. Find out more about important aspects of 5G monetization, from orchestration to automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn how to make 5G pay.

Why it’s important for telcos to devise proper business strategies

It is impossible to build a successful business strategy without large investments in virtual networking. Telecommunications operators are currently seeking effective ways to ensure a return on this investment. For the B2B and B2C sectors, they must change their business models in terms of how they approach services offered. Investing in 5G can be an opportunity for growth.

A carefully thought-out business strategy will help you in planning processes and measuring goals. Thanks to this, you can stand out from the competition and introduce new solutions to the market to satisfy end-customers. So, plan step by step what methods to implement in your company to take advantage of all the benefits of 5G monetization.

How monetizing the 5G network can support B2B and satisfy end-customers

The end-customer will appreciate the comprehensive yet flexible solutions that will help them with their daily challenges. Network slicing, process automation and network as a service (NaaS) are the most important aspects of building a business strategy based on 5G network monetization. How can you use each of these elements to grow your business?

Network slicing monetization

There is huge potential to make money with network slicing. Telcos can allow almost any type of service to be provided via scalable, self-managed virtual slices. This facilitates a rapid and appropriate response to the ever-changing demands of the market. Additionally, each network slice can be tailored to deliver precisely what is required by the end-customer. Thanks to this, it is possible to implement sophisticated, customer-oriented new 5G business models, artificial intelligence and other services.

Full process automation

Automation is one of the most profitable ways to use 5G in your telco business. Operators face the demanding task of improving network and connection management, which is impossible using traditional, manual methods. Automation allows much faster and more efficient operation of the network.

Network as a service (NaaS)

Network as a service (NaaS) allows telcos to deploy new services quickly and in a digitized manner. Not only can NaaS help gain and retain customers, it also creates new possibilities for partnerships with companies from various industry verticals. For the operators, too, automation plays a major role in helping them to keep pace with rapid technological developments.

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Aleksandra Orłowska

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