Embrace Standardization and Raise Your Telco to New Heights of Innovation and Efficiency

With the huge investment already made in preparation of the arrival of 5G networks, telecommunications companies may be understandably nervous about further large-scale transformation projects. Some perceive such work as costly, time-consuming and resource intensive – and there is a likelihood of partial or even complete failure if the undertaking is not managed appropriately. Thankfully, adopting a standardization strategy offers a solution to all these concerns.

This is precisely the subject of the first episode of Comarch’s new campaign, entitled “Telco Excellence at New Heights”. The video and accompanying white paper explain why standardization is necessary, and how it can be achieved as part of 5G network transformation goals.

The materials outline the challenges faced by operators who are today competing with players from outside the traditional telco domain (think Netflix, Spotify, Uber and more) that reap rapid rewards from their simple, fully digitized and personalized approach to customer interaction. By learning from the example of these companies, CSPs can modernize and standardize their networks, which in turn will help them bring products and service to market faster and drive up customer satisfaction levels – all the time ensuring they remain flexible and ready to adapt to any future challenges.

It's not a task to be undertaken lightly, and careful planning is required. Operators must fully understand the business objectives of transformation, identify areas for improvement, replace any necessary modules, and then integrate them. They also need the right AI/ML resources to help them collect and analyze data on a range of KPIs, such as net promoter score, churn, average return per user, and more. In short, the only way to do this efficiently is to deploy standardized interfaces and the proven methods promoted by organizations such as TMF with open digital architecture and open APIs.

By taking this approach, it is possible to make small, relatively simple and inexpensive changes to carefully targeted network elements in a very short time once the planning process has been completed. The result is the perfect balance between quick wins and long-term goals, maximum effect and minimum cost, and faster, better optimized services that keep your customers happy.

To find out more about how to manage evolving customer expectations and improve service delivery and experience through standardization, visit the campaign website. The video and accompanying white paper are free to access. They will also help you discover how Comarch can help with your transformation – and why we are a trusted partner for telco and IT companies around the world.


Magdalena Leśniak
Magdalena Leśniak
Senior Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialist in the Telecoms division. Digital media enthusiast who coordinates several online projects such as the #TelcoExcellence campaign. Much involved in the process of preparing this blog from scratch, and constantly striving to develop the platform.

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