Elevating Telecoms Through Standardization

Innovation, scalability, automation and standardization are vital for CSPs facing the challenges of today’s IT/telco environment.

Modular ODA-based systems that are simple to deploy and modify empower operators to address issues such as rising costs, falling revenues, high churn and network performance, making them more agile, efficient and innovative.

This in turn leads to maximized customer satisfaction, minimal churn and higher revenues, ensuring readiness for the opportunities of 5G and 6G.

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Unleash the Power of Total Experience in Telco

Total experience (TX) in telco aims to enhance satisfaction levels for all stakeholders by taking a holistic view of customer, employee and user experience, and creating a positive synergy between the company, its objectives, its customers and its workers. 

With such a diverse group, a TX strategy does bring challenges. But the benefits include improved customer experience (having a positive impact on churn rate, client acquisition and revenues), higher employee satisfaction and motivation, and better overall company performance.

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Sustainability and Operations Optimization

IT is an extremely energy-intensive sector, with developed countries consuming up to 2.5% of all electricity produced to run systems. This means significant costs for CSPs, and the environment.

Operators can address the economic and ecological factors by dyanmically managing electricity use. Yet the increasingly complex nature of networks means this can only be achieved through automation driven by AI/ML. Thus, telcos need reliable, configurable systems that collect and analyze real-time usage data and optimize energy efficiency without affecting service.

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The Time for Industrial Metaverse is Now

If your telco is waiting for the industrial metaverse to arrive in a “big bang”, you’ll still be on the starting line as your competition race ahead.

Now is the time to implement technologies that can already help you develop and deepen cooperation with organizations in many other vertical industries. This step by step approach will also lay the foundations for telcos to monetize further advances in 5G and 6G, which will be impossible for those waiting for the revolution.

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