Drones and Automated Problem Detection in Telecom Network Infrastructure Preventive Maintenance

While services and network infrastructures are getting more advanced and complicated, network operation and maintenance become a much greater challenge for telecommunication service providers. This situation calls for modern solutions, which, if utilized correctly, can help telecoms automate and optimize many processes associated with network infrastructure maintenance and other field service management operations.

Complex network infrastructures – the drivers of upgrades in preventive maintenance

In the era of 5G and universal service delivery in fixed and mobile domains, telecoms face a new challenge – managing vast, complex and, in many cases, remote network field infrastructure. With multiple hard-to-reach (and even dangerous at times) locations, telecoms need to keep their network equipment in good shape while providing safety to their technicians and optimizing the process whenever possible. New technologies can help with that.

Taking telecom preventive maintenance to the next level with AI and drones

Modern technologies provide telcos with great opportunities. These can be even greater when properly merged into a single compatible system. Combining the many benefits of drones with the high precision of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) gives a wide range of new possibilities for increasing effectiveness and bringing process optimization to telecommunications infrastructure operators in the area of network preventive maintenance.

The scope of drone-based automated network infrastructure maintenance

The scope of any network infrastructure inspection usually covers all structural elements, equipment and other technical elements that are based on the infrastructure type, technology or specific configuration. Utilizing drones and AI can provide telecoms with a tool which is able to control conditions on the sites and inform about future or current needs for repairs.

Explore more possibilities behind telecom drone-based AI-driven preventive maintenance

Would you like to discover how you can upgrade network operation and maintenance in your telecom business? Learn more about utilizing drones and artificial intelligence in network infrastructure maintenance and explore Comarch’s use case in our free white paper, in which we cover such topics as:

  • What drives telecom businesses to change their approach towards network maintenance
  • Why telecoms choose drones and artificial intelligence when it comes to field service management
  • How to upgrade preventive maintenance with drones and AI/ML
  • How drone-based network maintenance and automated problem detection work in real life
  • Machine learning, and how the learning process works for network maintenance
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