Comarch Industry 4.0 for Louis Ditzler AG

Industry 4.0 solutions offered by Comarch are applicable both in heavy industry and in sectors such as automotive, aviation and food. These solutions allow for improvement of production processes at all stages, they enable their constant control and significantly streamline them, leading to increased production efficiency.

One of the main advantages of Industry 4.0 solutions is the effective digitalisation and automation of production, which entails minimising the risk of human error and overlooking irregularities in the operation of machinery. The implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions allows the company to operate efficiently and effectively even during a crisis phase, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the benefits associated with their application are measurable for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

One of the solutions related to Industry 4.0 was implemented in a Swiss company from the FMCG sector – Louis Ditzler AG. This company was facing many problems in the production process due to ineffective monitoring of the whole process and lack of integration between its devices. This Swiss company deals with production of frozen fruit and vegetable products. Due to the nature of its business, this area requires constant monitoring of the production process and maintaining high product quality, as well as keeping the whole process fast.

As the company developed and its value on the market increased, a need arose to improve the work of people and machines, as well as to remotely and automatically collect, accumulate and analyse data on all stages of the production process. Each of these, thanks to the integration of our systems into the existing infrastructure at Ditzler, is constantly monitored.

Tracking starts as early as the origin of the respective raw material that is to enter Ditzler’s production line. The production lines have been linked to the Ishida weighing system, which in addition to checking the weights of packages and products also determines the iron level. Additionally, the labelling system was improved by connecting Comarch ERP, an optimisation tool for production, with the printing software.

Services offered by Comarch were integrated with systems and infrastructure present in Ditzler. The company also started using the MES application, which is a key element of Comarch’s solutions for Industry 4.0. It is available in both desktop and mobile versions for tablets. It works in languages such as Polish, English and German. It contributes to effective and efficient data analysis in the production process.

Industry 4.0 and the MES application have significantly improved and streamlined Ditzler’s operations and brought many benefits and changes. You can read about the details of the MES application, its integration with Ditzler’s infrastructure, the Comarch ERP system, as well as many other benefits related to the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions in enterprises and the entire integration process that we carried out in detail by downloading the Case Study we prepared here:

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