Comarch at Premier Tokyo Event for IT and Telecommunications

This was quite an event! A totally new place, new market, new clients, and what is really important a new culture to us. And what an experience it turned out to be!

For the very first time we showcased at IT Week Japan Spring, held in Tokyo from 10 to 12 May 2017.

The event gathered various companies from different IT sector industries around the world. There were 13 specialized exhibitions for visitors, the number of whom was also quite impressive – 88 725! During this year’s spring edition we could also participate in 56 conferences, mingle with 446 press delegates, and get to know 1 551 exhibitors. In short, this was one of the greatest IT and telecommunications events in Asia.

Comarch was showcasing its solutions at the M2M/IoT exhibition, where we presented our IoT portfolio including M2M Platform, M2M Actionable Analytics, Digital Services Platform and IoT Monetization Suite for telecoms companies. Comarch solutions for the healthcare, technologies and ERP sectors also drew a lot of attention. Perhaps the great interest in Comarch was because we have only recently entered the local market – so visitors were keen to learn about our history, philosophy and approach to digital transformation and technological changes on the telecommunications market. The dozens of questions and inquiries that we received, the discussions we had about the issues currently facing the telecoms industry, and the opportunity to engage in such a cultural exchange all blended to make the event extra special for us.

In parallel to the exhibition, there was a special session during the IoT conference at which companies such as ROBERT BOSCH, SIEMENS, QUALCOMM and FANUC introduced their technical developments and explained the essential next steps that need to be taken. Three major Japanese telco operators – DOCOMO, SOFTBANK and KDDI – also had their own session.

The event itself bordered on the iconic. Organized in the fashionable, tech-obsessed, yet extremely traditional city of Tokyo, it attracted people and companies from around the world. In fact, each year IT Week Japan becomes more cosmopolitan; in 2017, it hosted representatives from 21 countries.

Although the trade show kept everyone busy and engaged during working hours, there was still time for sightseeing, and to sample Japan’s mysterious and legendary culture. Some of us were even able to dive deep into the Japanese provinces or observe the Fuji cult.

Hope to get back there next year!


Karolina Górzna-Musiela

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