Boosting Telco Innovation – How SDN/NFV Enables New Services and Business Models
Network function virtualization and software-defined networks offer business opportunities – but only if these technologies are embraced wholeheartedly.

SDN/NFV as an Innovation Enabler

SDN/NFV technology will make the next generation network a cloud-based – and therefore flexible – platform for applications. A CSP can shift servers according to traffic demand to increase service quality and customer satisfaction, maintaining overall control while letting partners manage their own network “slices” without costly infrastructure changes. Encouraging such innovation in telecom means third parties can deliver products and services previously unimaginable, so both they and their network partners generate greater shared revenue.

SDN and NFV possibilities

Gaming and sport are two fields where SDN/NFV can be a partnership-based money spinner in B2C. CSPs have the know-how and infrastructure, while the software developers have the expertise to bring products to market. In sport, a CSP might partner with a broadcaster to bring subscribers live, tailored coverage of the biggest events. SDN/NFV possibilities extend into B2B, with partnerships between CSPs and banks, for example, enabling each to share expertise. The banks develop value-added, customer-focused services, and the SDN/NFV-ready CSPs provide the network segments that empower them to bring the services to market.

Self-empowerment has long been part of Comarch’s telecom solutions. By providing tools for multi-dimensional data analytics with graphical visualization, geo-tracking, configurable “smart” actions, and Product Catalog, Service Catalog, SelfCare, and Convergent Billing modules, Comarch lets telcos innovate, transform, and harness the full potential of SDN/NFV. CSPs that take up this offer will be well-placed to welcome customers who demand the new applications, delivery and service that SDN/NFV make possible.


Dominik Pacewicz

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