AI Monetization: How Telcos can Save Money by Introducing Pervasive AI

Artificial intelligence is known for two things: being extremely useful and quite expensive to adopt. But there is no doubt that the future is AI-driven, as telecommunication services require more innovative, secure and tailored solutions. So, how can introducing pervasive artificial intelligence help telcos optimize costs? What can they do in order to achieve AI monetization?

Pervasive AI – the most effective employee you’ll ever have

Worried about AI concerns? You don’t need to be. As we know, network and service management systems are built on the expertise of the most experienced employees. The greatest challenge of such operation is gathering the knowledge from various experts. Each professional has a different approach to addressing problems, which means that collecting and unifying data can be very difficult and time-consuming. Adopting artificial intelligence to this process provides specialists with a helping hand – a supporting tool that focuses on tedious, repetitive tasks, allowing employees to proceed with the crucial ones. Experts are still needed in this process, as they verify the results of AI’s work, but the knowledge systemization is all automatic. With the help of experienced employees, artificial intelligence can perform these tedious tasks much more effectively and faster than any human.

Artificial intelligence (AI) – concerns behind introducing new technology

Adopting any new technology, not only AI, comes with certain concerns. However, in the case of artificial intelligence, there are two matters to be taken into account: the costs behind the implementation of the technology and its influence on employees.

As for the costs, introducing pervasive AI might be quite expensive, but only if we think about the short-term perspective. This is because monetizing AI happens over time – as it learns the right behavior and automates more and more operations. In the long run, AI-driven services help telecoms optimize costs and even bring profit by helping them become more effective and providing tools to offer personalized solutions for customers. The benefits of each new implementation of AI far outweigh the costs incurred.

When it comes to the influence that applying artificial intelligence has on employees, it’s worth noting that experienced professionals are still crucial as they support, review and verify the accuracy of the tasks that artificial intelligence performs. The main idea behind introducing AI-driven services is to help experts focus on more important tasks than collecting and unifying knowledge.

Pervasive AI: the intelligent future starts now

More and more communication service providers are applying pervasive AI in their services and networks. Artificial intelligence in telecom allows automation of business processes, as well as workforce and infrastructure optimization. It works faster and more efficiently than humans, as it doesn’t get tired. AI gathers knowledge in a way that is understandable by different systems and is always up to date. In the long term, it is the thing that will help telecoms decrease the cost of resources, preparing personalized customer offers and implement new technologies, while also decreasing the time to market for products and services, and improving the overall functioning of the business.

So, while introducing pervasive AI raises concern, the benefits behind the technology overwhelmingly outweigh the risks.




Rajmund Zieliński
Rajmund Zieliński
IAA Product Manager

Having gained solid team-building and management skills in previous roles, Rajmund Zieliński brought his holistic approach to business analysis to Comarch. With a firm grounding in project implementation and transitioning and a sound understanding of the agile management philosophy, his economic and telecommunications industry expertise allow him to strike the best strategic balance that delivers on the aspirations of clients and the interests of his own organization.


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