Comarch Transaction Protection - tPro ETH

Comarch tPro ETH meets the requirements of customers looking for fast, effective and convenient solutions in the field of online banking security.
It is a small, lightweight, driverless USB token used mainly for authorization of documents and online transactions, as well as identity confirmation - based on a digital signature.
The signing process requires the user to authenticate it using a button built into the device. This protects transactions against remote attacks, ensuring that no third parties intervene in transfer instructions without the user's knowledge.

tPro ETH Overview

Product features

Strong cryptographic mechanisms

Encryption and signing operations are performed using a pair of keys in the device's secure storage facility. Access to the keys is protected by a PIN code. The number of unsuccessful access attempts is limited in advance, and exceeding this limit will result in blocking the use of cryptographic material. For each pair of keys one can upload the user certificate and its subsequent renewal.

Protection against remote attacks

Comarch tPro ETH has a unique mechanism of user presence detection in the form of a button located on the housing of the device. Its pressing and releasing is required for each operation performed with user keys.

No drivers

The device is recognized in the operating system as a network card and can safely communicate with the web browser without the need to install any drivers.
Comarch tPro ETH works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Its architecture is based on universal communication protocols and makes the device independent of specific mechanisms of web browsers (extensions, integrated API).

Remote software update

Uploading a new version is automatic and does not require user intervention. Each binary package is verified by the device before starting the update process in order to prevent the installation of software from unauthorized sources.

Quick integration

The token is delivered with libraries enabling quick integration on the front/back-end side. It is also possible to use the ready-made Comarch IAM Authentication Server solution, which is fully integrated with the following solutions:
- tPro ETH
- tPro Mobile
- tPro SmartCard
- and selected third-party tokens

Support for RSA2048/ECC521

Comarch tPro ETH is available in two variants due to supported cryptographic algorithms. The most popular variant is RSA which supports 2048-bit keys. It is also possible to use elliptical curve cryptography with a key size of up to 521 bits.

Comarch Transaction Protection solutions

Do you have a sample token and want to test it?

Please use our demo to login and authorize transactions on our dedicated corporate banking page.

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