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Data from spreadsheet and files without structures
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      Course online Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query

      Data from spreadsheet and files without structures

      During the training Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query - Data from spreadsheet and files without structures, participants build a data model for a specific case, the individual aspects of which correspond to situations encountered in reality, and then prepare its analysis. At the same time, they consolidate previously used and learn new data transformation techniques as well as selected DAX formulas and functions. After the training, participants will be able to plan and build a data model based on imported data, add calculated columns, define measures and complete the analysis with a report.

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      Training objectives

      The aim of the training is to prepare participants to perform analyzes based on imported data, with particular 
      emphasis on data from Excel sheets and text files (csv, txt), using Power BI Desktop or Power Pivot and 
      Power Query tools.


      Thanks to the training, the participant will be able to:

      • correctly planned the structure of the data model
      • transformed the imported data into a form ready for analysis
      • connected tables with relations, including preparation of columns - keys
      • add calculated columns to the data model and define measures
      • used DAX functions - iterators, conditions, search, filters, CALCULATE function, time analysis function
      • prepared a table of dates
      • defined custom sorting
      • clearly presented data in the report
      Audience profile

      The training is intended for people who, using Power BI or the Power Pivot add-on, prepare interactive reports 
      based on data imported from unstructured sources (e.g. Excel sheets, text files). 


      Training participants are required to have basic knowledge of Power BI or the Power Pivot and Power Query

      Training delivery method

      The training is carried out in the form of a case study - based on the data of a fictitious company, the 
      participants, together with the trainer, plan and implement the next stages of the analysis. Tasks are 
      performed jointly or individually with subsequent discussion. During the work, the trainer complements the 
      participants' knowledge with the necessary transformation techniques, introduces new functions, etc. 


      2 days, 16 training hours

      Theoretical and practical knowledge

      Data model design:

      • Source data logic
      • Definition of output structure
      • Final table layout incl. relationships

      Data adjustments:

      • Transforming data from source to final shape
      • Automated file merging in folders
      • Preparing tables for relationships

      Data Analysis, defining measures and calculated columns. Calculations based on data subsets; RELATED() 
      function, iterators, conditions and data lookup:

      • Focused analysis – filters, CALCULATE() function, context modifiers
      • Analysis over time – comparison and cumulative values, date table

      Data visualization:

      • Choosing right visual component
      • Filters and slicers
      • Slicer formatting 
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