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      We offer the following MS Office training in English - computer online courses Power BI!

      We offer the following MS Office training in English - computer online courses Power BI!

      What is Microsoft Power Business Intelligence? Why learning it will help develop your career? Is this kind of training for you? Here is everything you need to know about mastering Power Bi in one of the quickest and most effective ways – by participating in Power BI online training, such as the one at Comarch Training Center.

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      What is Power BI?

      Microsoft, the creator of Power Business Intelligence, defines their tool as a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. In other words, it provides you with all resources you need to aggregate, visualize, analyze, and share data.

      Thanks to Power BI, you can take your data analytics and visualization to the next level – even if you’re a so-called non-technical user! This is why Power BI, which you can learn during Comarch Power BI – Data Analysis and Visualization Online Training, is currently considered one of the best and most accessible tools for this purpose.

      What is DAX in Power BI?

      As you start learning Power BI, you will sooner than later encounter DAX – Data Analysis Expressions. According to Microsoft, it is a programming language that is used throughout Microsoft Power BI for creating calculated columns, measures, and custom tables. DAX collects functions, operators, and constants you can use in a formula (or – as the term says itself, expression) in order to calculate values. It simply helps you solve a number of data analysis problems. DAX provides greater strength and flexibility to your data models, but at the same time it creates the risk of making them too complicated.

      This is why our Power BI training supports you in managing that risk and finding best proportions. For even better utilization of DAX, we also offer special online training dedicated to DAX – Creating advanced formulas for Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services and PowerPivot in Excel.

      MS Power BI Online Trainings

      Why is Power BI worth learning?

      Nowadays, data is what drives every possible business branch. However, gathering even the best and most useful information is useless until its users can fully see and understand its patterns, trends, and outliers. In summary, Power BI uses tools to take raw data and turn it into valuable insights that can be foundations for strategies, plans and actions of entire organizations. It can be particularly useful in Data Science and Research, IT, Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Logistics, and any other industry that uses Data Analytics.

      Is Power BI easy to learn?

      Basing on our training experience, we can ensure you that MS Power BI is not hard to learn. Its simple interface is easy to grasp even for new learners. At the same time, Power BI also offers features for more advanced users, and learning them would take some time without previous BI experience. Nonetheless, with the help of qualified trainers from Comarch, many practical exercises and your true dedication and work, learning Power BI is possible in just two days of our online course.

      What are the Power Bi online training prerequisites?

      There are a lot of reasons why Comarch Training Center is your go-to place to get a complete and efficient training on VBA and macro programming.

      First and foremost, a well-recognizable, experienced trainer – Sławomir Sroka, who is a certified expert in the field of VBA programming in MS Excel, and has been conducting trainings and consultations for more than 10 years.

      To start the Power BI training, you are required to have an intermediate level of knowledge of the Windows environment (including its main applications) and the use of a spreadsheet. Additional knowledge of PowerPivot, DAX, and Power Query will be useful, but is not required.

      Who is the Power Bi Training for? Is it good for YOUR career

      Power BI is a valuable tool that helps mastering big volumes of information created by business every day. If you deal with floods of big data, perform data analysis and create reports using data from different systems, you already know how challenging it is to also draw patterns and trends that will make people SEE things in a wider context. That’s why data visualization is a critical skill for today’s data analysts and other specialists — it simply helps communicate results you’ve invested so much time and effort to formulate.

      Comarch Power BI online course – what are the levels and contents?

      The Power BI – Data Analysis and Visualization training takes 16 hours and has a well-organized program. In the first step, you will get an introduction to Business Intelligence and a tools overview – you will learn the Power Bi Desktop: for loading and transforming data, working with a data model, working with visualizations, and publishing reports, and Power BI Online: for sharing reports Datasets, Reports and Dashboard.

      After getting familiar with these tools, you will start loading data and creating standard or custom visualizations. In the next step, we will teach you how to manage the filters. The last part of the training concerns data model – creating relationships, adding calculations (DAX) and grouping or creating hierarchies.

      Why should I choose MS Power BI remote training at Comarch?

      By the end of this course, you will be able to implement your own Business Intelligence solution, starting from getting data from external sources, through creating a simple data model, defining your own measures and formulas with the use of DAX, to preparing an interactive report consisting of visualizations available in Power BI. What’s more, you will get to know Power BI Desktop application and Power BI as a cloud service. This means the possibility of implementing the idea of Self-Service BI – creating own analytical solutions without much involvement of your future or current company’s IT departments. This increases the efficiency of your work and reduce the cost of the entire process.

      What are the Comarch Power Bi online training technical requirements?

      There are no other than only general requirements you’ll need a notebook or a desktop computer running Windows OS (at least Windows 10) and a stable Internet connection. If your computer doesn’t offer a set of speakers and a microphone, remember to get yourself a headset to communicate with the trainer. To start learning Power BI, you will have to install the latest version of Power BI Desktop or to have the latest version pre-installed. All necessary Power Bi training files and other materials will be provided by us. Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your eagerness to learn!

      Want to learn more, fill out the registration form or check the training calendar? Visit Comarch Training Center website dedicated to Power BI online courses.

      Why should I choose Power BI remote training?

      At Comarch Training Center, we don’t promise you a pie in the sky, but specific skills that are needed in the job market of today and tomorrow. Your guides into the Power BI will be Justyna Pyrcz, Marcin Wiczak, and Sławomir Sroka – highly qualified IT specialists and trainers with several years of training experience.

      See opinions about our trainings

      • We rate the implementation, as well as the needs analysis and the training service very well. The company has fulfilled all the arrangements made. The participants assessed the training as useful and valuable from the point of view of their current and future professional tasks. When organizing the training, the employees showed great flexibility and kindness. Therefore, we can recommend Comarch SA as a reliable and professional partner in the organization of IT training.

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      • An undoubted advantage of the trainings was the large number of exercises that the employees did step by step under the supervision of the trainer. The trainer was able to perfectly adjust the pace to the work of the participants, and the participants also praised the possibility of asking questions about functionality that went beyond the scope of the course.

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