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Database online training is focused on data analysts and BI specialists who work with data on a daily basis. These tools will allow them to better prepare data for processing and present the results to their teams. 

Such training courses are also a great chance for programmers and developers to understand how to optimize and manage databases. This will help them create better solutions and applications. Courses will also be helpful for database administrators, marketing and sales experts and researchers, or anywhere data analysis may be applicable.

We offer the following training in English - computer courses: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database Server.

Oracle Database Server

Oracle Database Server is a tool for managing relational databases. The main advantage of Oracle Database Server is that it contains a lot of convenient functionalities. That is why it is so popular among users. It is a relatively inexpensive and accessible tool that also offers high uptime and easy data security management. It prevents unauthorized access and allows monitoring of user access. Note also that Oracle is compatible with many other systems and provides database integrity, so you can utilize data from different sources.

Oracle SQL language for data analytics

SQL – the language of access to database Oracle

SQL language for data analysts in an Oracle environment - advanced level

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database that allows you to leverage dependencies between diverse types of data. It also features a high level of performance and a wide range of functionality. The Microsoft SQL Server component worth paying special attention to is the SQL Server Database Engine. It allows you to monitor security during data storage and processing. The software also includes a number of BI analytic tools that allow you to perform data visualizations, making it easier for specialists to present the results of their work to their teams.

Microsoft SQL Server - Transact-SQL language - basic level

Microsoft SQL Server - Transact-SQL language - advanced level


PostgreSQL is a relational database management system that is an extension of SQL. It incorporates many features that allow secure storage and scalability of complex data sets. PostgreSQL is a reliable system that can take care of data integrity, making it an excellent tool for database administrators. There is a large open source community associated with PostgreSQL, which is constantly developing it and adding needed functionality. Many indexes in the system have defined APIs, so you can build on top of PostgreSQL what you need at the moment.

PostrgreSQL - basic course


Why should you take database training courses?

Comarch Training Center is a specialized training unit that has excellent conditions to help both beginners and experienced professionals improve their skills. Our center is staffed by industry experts who have practical knowledge as well as teaching experience. We have also developed a structured program that helps you gradually absorb knowledge and consolidate the skills you have acquired. 

Concerned about whether you can handle it? Our training is tailored to our trainees' skills and proficiency levels, so that every trainee will progress at a pace that is right for them.

Advantages and disadvantages of...

Oracle Database Server

Oracle Database Server is a powerful, reliable and stable database engine. It provides the highest level of data security and allows easier handling of complicated and complex queries. It is also worth remembering that Oracle Database Server provides high scalability, which supports intensive workloads and allows you to keep performance at a high level. Although the software itself is inexpensive, it can end up being pricey, as many of the features you can use with it require additional licenses.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an excellent tool that has so far been released in many versions. It also supports online documentation and is available in different models - on premises as well as a cloud support. It also includes many useful tools and functionalities for analysts and free tools for developers. The disadvantage of Microsoft SQL Server is certainly its high price. It's also worth keeping in mind that modifying features in MS SQL Server is difficult and complex, which can be a major setback.


PostgreSQL database

PostgreSQL is a highly extensible open source data analysis tool. If necessary, it is possible to add functionality according to the specific needs of a particular business. It allows processing of many complex data types, such as geographic data and contains advanced text search models. PostgreSQL supports Python, Java, Perl, PHP and other programming languages to facilitate the implementation of even more advanced data analysis functions. However, compared to other tools, its data reading speed is low, which can result in reduced performance.

Our trainers

  • Krzysztof Czajkowski 

    He has several years of teaching and training experience, the main area of ​​training specialization is the application and administration of the Oracle database. He also teaches PostreSQL, MySQL and SQL syntax in MS SQL Server databases.

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    • We rate the implementation, as well as the needs analysis and the training service very well. The company has fulfilled all the arrangements made. The participants assessed the training as useful and valuable from the point of view of their current and future professional tasks. When organizing the training, the employees showed great flexibility and kindness. Therefore, we can recommend Comarch SA as a reliable and professional partner in the organization of IT training.

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    • An undoubted advantage of the trainings was the large number of exercises that the employees did step by step under the supervision of the trainer. The trainer was able to perfectly adjust the pace to the work of the participants, and the participants also praised the possibility of asking questions about functionality that went beyond the scope of the course.



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