Automation of creating and managing cloud infrastructure
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      Terraform - Automation of creating and managing cloud infrastructure

      Using the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach and the Terraform tool to automate the creation and management of cloud infrastructure.

      Participating in the Terraform training offers valuable skills in automating the creation and management of cloud infrastructure. The training familiarizes participants with Terraform and Infrastructure as Code principles. Through theoretical lectures and practical exercises on the Linux platform, participants learn to define infrastructure, configure providers, create and manage resources, and troubleshoot performance issues.

      By the end of the training, participants will be equipped to implement Infrastructure as Code, configure Terraform, create projects, manage resources and utilize advanced features like modules and dynamic blocks. This training provides essential knowledge for effectively deploying and managing cloud infrastructure using Terraform.

      Full program Terraform course


      The aim of the training is to familiarize participants with the topic of automating the creation and management of cloud infrastructure using the Terraform tool and the Infrastructure as Code approach.

      In the theoretical part of the training (lectures), participants will gain knowledge about how the Terraform tool works and its functions enabling the implementation of tasks related to the automation of the creation and management of cloud infrastructure. The practical part of the training (exercises) will be carried out on the Linux platform and will allow training participants to check and understand exactly how the Terraform tool works.

      The purpose of the training is not to familiarize participants with the operation of the cloud infrastructure within which the training will be carried out.


      Thanks to the training, the participant will be able to:

      • Define what the Infrastructure as Code approach is and state its advantages
      • Indicate how the Terraform tool implements the Infrastructure as Code approach
      • Install and configure Terraform
      • Create and configure a new project
      • Select and configure the Provider associated with the target infrastructure
      • Create resource definition using HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL)
      • Create, modify and delete resources using Terraform
      • Manage the status of resources created by Terraform
      • Parameterize the operations performed by the Terraform tool
      • Create and use modules
      • Use built-in HCL functions
      • Create dynamic blocks when defining resources in HCL
      • Create and manage Terraform Workspace
      • Diagnose and troubleshoot Terraform performance issues

      Audience profile

      The training is intended for people whose work is related to the creation and management of cloud infrastructure and are interested in expanding their knowledge of Infrastructure as Code using the Terraform tool.

      Training for: System engineers, DevOps teams


      Training participants are required to know how the cloud infrastructure in which they want to use the Terraform tool works and the basics of using Linux operating systems.

      Training delivery method

      The training is divided into modules including a theoretical part (lectures) and a practical part (exercises). During the theoretical part, the training participant acquires the basic and necessary knowledge to complete the practical part. The practical part is carried out on a remote platform and requires only a web browser.


      2 days, 16 training hours

      Theoretical and practical knowledge
      • Introduction to the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach
      • Terraform - how to implement the Infrastructure as Code approach
      • Overview of available Providers
      • HCL language - basic concepts
      • Getting started with Terraform – installation and configuration
      • Provider and project configuration
      • Creating, updating and deleting resources
      • Terraform State – managing the state of created resources
      • Data types in HCL language
      • Resource parameterization - defining and using variables
      • Terraform Modules – creation, parameterization and versioning
      • Built-in functions provided by Terraform
      • Dynamic blocks - dynamic definition of resources
      • Additional Terraform CLI commands
      • Terraform Workspace – creation and management
      • Diagnosing and solving problems
      Development path

      It is recommended to use containers in your daily work. Lift your existing work/personal apps into container images and run the required backing services for local development.

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