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Comarch Customer Management helps communication service providers sell more services, get closer to their customers, and significantly reduce customer churn. Pre-integrated with Comarch OSS/BSS suite and designed to work well with external OSS/BSS infrastructures, Comarch Customer Management is a flexible solution for telecom customer care that enables operators to benefit from an all-inclusive customer view and gain deep understanding of the customer base. The system provides extensive knowledge about customers, to achieve increased savings in customer service processes.

Comarch Customer Management allows a seamless customer experience and provides a reliable 360-degree customer view. Thanks to pre-integration with other Comarch BSS/OSS suite components, the telecom customer care system stimulates business growth with carefully designed, intuitive and user-friendly IT tools. Comarch CM increases personnel efficiency, speeds up the creation of new contracts, and offers a wide range of tools for engaging customers. Comarch Customer Management is a comprehensive and fast-acting market response tool that gives the competitive edge and enhances client loyalty by improving telecom customer care.

Telecom Customer Management - Comarch Solution Benefits

Benefit from Always-in-Context Access to a Comprehensive View of Your Subscribers

Leverage a 360-degree customer view to deliver superior service across all contact channels, including call centers, retail, self-service and more.

Improve Efficiency While Reducing Costs

Provide rapid and customized responses to incoming inquires and reduce the cost of customer service thanks to empowering your clients with innovative and intuitive self-service tools.

Sell More Services and Build New Ones According to Client Needs

Follow the intuitive customer view application to effectively seize all sales opportunities and make sure to reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time.

Turn Your Customers into Brand Advocates

Engage customers through social media channels, let them collect rewards or offer a “refer a friend” opportunity – lotteries, special offers, coupons and rules for rewarding your best customers will maintain high customer satisfaction levels and increase retention, sales and revenues.

Achieve More While Simplifying the Process

Structure your marketing campaigns and introduce process-centric collaboration between front and back offices, sales and marketing, and business and technical departments to boost operational excellence and increase employee productivity.

Choose a Future-Proof Solution

Handle all data with ease by transmitting it in standardized form based on the TM Forum SID concept and benefit from Comarch pre-built processes to support any industry-specific operations.

Comarch Customer Management solution for Telecoms consists of:

Ensuring Efficient Service Fulfillment for VPN-based B2B Telecom Services - Case Study


 Considering the comprehensiveness of the solution and its complexity, as well as our ambitious timeframes, we were looking for an experienced and reliable BSS/OSS provider. Comarch has cooperated with various large telco operators, including the Deutsche Telekom group, on various projects over the past 10 years, and that trust was an important factor behind choosing them to be a partner in this strategically important project.

Comarch has demonstrated an understanding of our demands and we engaged in truly collaborative solution development. Their dynamic approach and their ability to listen to our technical and business needs, as well as to adjust the development to best support our goals, convinces us we made the right decision. 

Dr. Marcus Hacke, Founder & Managing Director, ngena GmbH

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