Bitė Group Case Study

Comarch delivers an OSS and BSS Platform

Bitė Group is the leading international telecommunication group in the Baltic countries. The group was founded in 2005 and consists of UAB Bitė Lietuva which has been operating in Lithuania since 1995, and SIA Bite Latvija which was established in 2005. Since the 9th of February, 2007 the sole share holder of Bitė has been Mid Europa Partners. Mid Europa Partners is a leading independent private equity investment firm in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Business Need

In 2004 software house and systems integrator Comarch signed an agreement for the delivery of a BSS and OSS platform with UAB Bitė Lietuva, a telecommunications operator in Lithuania providing mobile, data transfer and Internet services.

One year later, in July of 2005, an agreement for the BSS and OSS platform delivery was signed with SIA Bite Latvija, a daughter company of Bitė Lietuva established in July of 2005.

The Approach

Both Comarch projects for Bitė Group entities covered the delivery of software supporting major operational and business processes including:

  • Customer management processes for front office, dealer sales channels
  • Back office administrative processes including SIM card supply management, service related resource management, black-list integration
  • Retail billing process management including loading, rating and revenue management including invoicing, debt management, credit limit management and reporting
  • Products, tariffs and discount management
  • Wholesale interconnect billing processes
  • Mobile roaming support
  • End-customer self-service processes, available at,
  • Mediation, collection and provisioning processes

The Implemented Products

The abovementioned functionalities were realized by installing and integrating Comarch’s award-winning software
products, including:

  • Comarch Billing System, providing retail billing and revenue management functionalities, handling service providers
  • Comarch Customer Management, supporting front office and dealer channels with access to major end-customer
    related processes
  • Comarch Business Process Management, automating, integrating and interfacing the platform elements, handling complicated business processes including migrations, black listings, number portability and more
  • Comarch Self-Care, offering web-based end-customer portal functionality
  • Comarch InterPartner Billing, interconnect wholesale billing functionalities
  • Comarch Mediation Device, interfacing network elements and assuring billing data sources
  • Comarch Service Provisioning, providing activation and deactivation functionalities

The Results

  • Pure success. SIA Bite Latvija was able to register and manage the first customers in their network six months after initiation of the project. The first invoice appeared one month later.
  • Since July 2006, Bitė Group including UAB Bitė Lietuva and SIA Bite Latvija has been offering high-quality services to their end customers and service providers on the basis of Comarch’s BSS and OSS platform.
  • Comarch currently provides Bitė Group with 24/7 remote maintenance and support services for the installed platforms.
  • Since the project switch-over in July of 2006, Comarch and Bitė Group have been cooperating closely on extensions of the existing functional scopes of the systems.
  • With its long-time experience in the dynamic telecommunications market, investments and professional team of employees, Bitė Group is ready to ensure modern, high-quality and customer-friendly services for Latvian and Lithuanian customers.

Why Comarch?

"Bitė Group serves more than 1.2 million customers. We earned their trust by offering superior customer care, high quality modern services, complex data transmission as well as unique mobile internet services. Comarch software platforms support our everyday operations including billing and revenue management, customer care, wholesale processes and many others."

Žilvinas Jurkšus, CTO
Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija

"Comarch’s policy allowed project implementation and the development of new customized functionalities in parallel. Due to this fact, Bitė
Group is staying at least one step ahead of the competition. We can see that the cooperation between Bitė and Comarch is expanding year after year, and we strongly believe that the joint projects we’ve conducted so far will bring about benefits for both companies."

Andrius Griškevičius, IT Manager
Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija

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