Digital Sales & Customer Care

Digital Sales & Customer Care: The BSS Solution for Omnichannel Commerce in Telecoms

Comarch Digital Sales & Customer Care enables Digital Service Providers to introduce, recommend, sell and maintain both traditional telco and digital products with pace and simplicity required by today’s market. Customers are guided through digital shopping and buying process which includes offer browsing & comparison, online availability check, customer onboarding, omnichannel shopping cart and check out process. Through native mobile or desktop apps customer has complete, actionable overview of his account including finances, usage and services he owns. Mobile first approach with “one-click” contextual actions lets customers to perform majority of the operations in the online channels. Telco specific actions spans from simple operations like top-ups or block sim or invoice pay to more complex like contract renewals or contact move. Contextual digital care support mechanisms like chatbot or social network healing help to self-resolve issues online. CRM for Telecoms with ready to use apps for Call Centers or Shops working over the same simple “one-click” actions exposed by omnichannel REST API lets solve issues that cannot be resolved online or serves customers who prefer direct contact. 

Putting the Digital Customer Experience at The Heart of Telco Omnichannel Strategies

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Benefits of implementing a platform for digital customer service in telecommunications - Comarch Digital Sales & Customer Care:

360 customer view

Current and past cost control, digital invoicing and integration with payment providers.

Contextualized help

Help engine including chat, chatbots, call center, and spectator mode.

Omnichannel support

Highly customized guided customer journeys through omnichannel process management. Pick processes most beneficial to your business and place them in your preferred channels.

Intuitive digital services and mobile first approach

Manage your catalog services including advanced marketing tools in few simple steps.

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