What is Telco Cloud and How Can You Move Your IoT Services Towards it?

Super high-speed, low-latency transfers involving tremendous volumes of data and increased coverage… 5G and other modern technologies promise a lot to end-users. But can communication service providers keep up with these declarations and meet their customers’ needs?

With the telco cloud, the answer is “yes”.

Telco Cloud Definition

The telco cloud refers to the data center resources used for mobile network functions, operations and data transfer deployment. The cloud is crucial in supporting telecom operators in providing better service and improved experience for their customers. As CSPs already offer a wide range of services and should prepare for more to come, network requirements are getting higher than ever. The operators must become more efficient, more agile and open to new technologies. And this is where the telco cloud steps in.

Why Should Telecoms Implement Telco Cloud?

None of the modern technologies such as 5G, edge computing, network slicing and others, can be implemented without bringing in the telco cloud architecture. The speed at which telecoms roll our new IoT services is very important, so it is crucial for CSPs to do it as soon as possible in order to be the first to market and meet customers’ needs. Otherwise, they could fall behind and get left for a different provider who implemented the solutions before they could.

Moving IoT Platforms to the Cloud

Moving IoT services to the telco cloud can be very lucrative for communication service providers, but it also means meeting some hard software and organization requirements (such as adopting the DevOps culture). The best and recommended approach is that IoT platforms should be designed as cloud-native from day one, starting with the first line of code. But what if the cloud wasn’t taken into account before? Where should you start the journey to the telco cloud?

If you’d like to know more about what telcos should do and how to prepare for the big move, download our white paper “How to Move Your IoT Platforms into the Telco Cloud”.


Wojciech Martyniak
Wojciech Martyniak
M2M/IoT Product Manager

Wojciech’s focus for the last 11 years has been on new technologies, new services in the IoT world, the connected world, and a convergent approach to m2m services composed not only of connectivity but also from devices and applications.

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