The Most Important Moments of Comarch User Group 2023

It is difficult to find words that would accurately describe what happened during this year's edition of the Comarch User Group. Specialists from all over the world met in Kraków to share knowledge and the latest achievements from various business branches. In order for the memories of those days to stay with us for a long time, it is worth saving them and coming back to them from time to time. Thank you for your presence!

First day of the event in the telecommunications division

The official part of the event began when Janusz Filipiak, CEO and Founder, appeared on the stage, warmly welcomed all the participants, and announced the presentation of a commemorative clip presenting 30 years of Comarch.

The speech of the founder of the company was followed by the appearance of the honorary guest of CUG 2023, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of Poland (1995–2005). The main topic of the speech was "Leadership in Turbulent Times", and the topics discussed were primarily geopolitics, the technological revolution, and climate change, and their impact on the current state of the economy. He also noted that cooperation with the EU and NATO is a guarantee of security.

"Change has been a part of life since the beginning of humanity. The challenge is the pace and speed of these changes. We have less time for making decisions," the president said.

The essential parts of the event for the telecommunications division were speeches prepared by experts. On the first day, there was an opportunity to attend the presentation entitled "From Connectivirt to Digital Services: Challenges and Requirements for Businesses in the Digital Economy," conducted by Tymoteusz Wrona, Head of Sales in the Telecommunications Division at Comarch. It was a pleasure to host on stage representatives of PG&E: David McKinnon, Principal Project Manager, and Bryan Arline, IT Product Specialist Expert, who, with Maciej Sałata, SME and Corporate Banking at Comarch, were talking about Comarch Open Platform: the operating system for digital transformation.

The day ended with a gala dinner at the Wierzynek restaurant, where there were plenty of additional attractions as well as in-depth conversations on various topics.

Last day of the conference

The second day of the conference, on May 11, 2023, was full of thematic blocks of speeches, thanks to which the participants could exchange knowledge with experts in specific fields. Lectures on telecommunications were held in one of the most popular places in Kraków, Sukiennice Cloth Hall, where all the gathered people were surrounded by the most substantial Polish art of in the nineteenth century.

The second day was as good as the previous one in terms of the quality of speeches. The first speakers were Jacek Lonc, VP and Head of Telco Sales & Business Strategy Division at Comarch, and Tymoteusz Wrona, who focused on defining and discussing the current challenges and objectives of Comarch's OSS and BSS roadmaps.
It was an honor to host Andy Tiller, Executive Vice President at TM Forum, who gave us an insight into the effects of Comarch and TM Forum's cooperation in the field of open API and ODA ecosystems.

Then, Łukasz Mendyk, OSS Product Manager at Comarch, appeared on the stage, talking about one of the most important trends this year – the Industrial Metaverse, the ultimate test of 5G and 6G value for the industry. After a short break, the stage was taken over by Bogumił Dąbrowski, BSS Solution Manager at Comarch, who presented how to speed up 5G monetization in the B2B market. Then, Paweł Świerszcz, Product Manager at Comarch, shared with the audience his observations on how quickly AI-driven autonomous networks will take over the industry.

It was a great joy to host representatives of Future Connections on the stage: Julien Beenakkers, CEO, and Reginald Delhez, Digital Transformation Manager, whose speech was entitled 'Support telecom operators in automating their workflows and implementing a zero-touch approach for B2C and B2B."
At the end of this exciting day, Mateusz Cieślak, Head of FSM Consulting at Comarch, showed how to manage a network from a smartphone.

Then we all met again in Wierzynek to summarize this two-day conference, which was a great success.

We can't wait for the attractions of next year’s edition.


Aleksandra Orłowska


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