Mobile World Congress 2022 and the Return of Live Events

Probably each of us has been asking for a long time when there will be a moment when the style of work and life will return to how it was before 2020. However, how can we be sure that we will go back to pre-pandemic habits? Maybe we should get used to the new reality that brings with it changes for each of us, including the events we have known?

How MWC sets trends for other fairs during the year

Mobile World Congress is one of those events that has not had an easy task during the pandemic. Even though the GSMA held the Mobile World Congress in 2021, it did not look half as good as in previous years. It was definitely not the time to come back to live meetings for many reasons, for example:

  • Persistent restrictions prohibiting movement between countries
  • Blocking business trips by the management boards of the most important players in the telecommunications market
  • Personal fears of becoming infected, or of infecting loved ones on our return

As a result, the number of fair participants was the lowest in years, and the prevailing restrictions made it difficult to contact anyone in person. This development of the situation was an example for most companies organizing events. They decided to cancel in 2021 or conduct their events in virtually. Of course, there were also those who, following the GSMA's footsteps, prepared live or hybrid events with greater or lesser success, but when the choice was appearing live or in front of a laptop, it was usually the second option that prevailed.

Is 2022 the long-awaited return of business trips and live meetings?

This year's edition of Mobile World Congress, held live in Gaudi's city, showed that after two years spent in the four corners of our own home, it is time to go out and renew face to face relations.

Consequently, the GSMA was fully committed to getting more people to come to Barcelona and attend its event. This resulted not only in the introduction of earlier registration, virtual badges available from the phone application, and a daily well-being questionnaire (required for entry to Fira Barcelona Gran Via), but also in talks with city authorities and assistance in arriving in the country for delegates from outside of Europe. Additional cleaning, a strong disinfection and FFP2 masks regime remained in place.

Despite (or perhaps thanks to) the safety rules, the event attracted crowds of participants from all over the world, although the number of visitors was still not equal to that from before the pandemic. Nevertheless, the event should be considered as a success, and we count on an increasing number of participants and exhibitors in the coming years.

However, it must also be mentioned that the virtual form of MWC, which was also available this year, was a bit disappointing, with a limited number of materials and recordings available. Unfortunately, finding an interesting topic was very hard.

Comarch's involvement at this year's event in Barcelona

Among the participants of the MWC, our company could not be missing, as it was the perfect place for us to meet face to face with people who we have recently only seen on a computer screen. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of meetings after such a long break, we invited everyone to our own meeting room, which allowed an exchange of views in a calm atmosphere.

"I am glad that I could once again come to Barcelona and hear about the plans of the telecommunications industry for the coming year. Mobile World Congress is always a very important point on the calendar of industry events, which allows the exchange of experiences, allows us to inspire each other and shows the problems we are struggling with in the telecommunications market", said Tymoteusz Wrona, Head of Telco Consulting at Comarch, who attended the event. "I am pleased that we are returning to live events, as nothing can replace face to face contact".

The success of Mobile World Congress is a signal for the events ahead

We have already learned more than once that the successful event in Barcelona has given a signal to other companies that their events can also be successful.Therefore, in the coming year we focus on live meetings, during which we also count on your presence. Watch here to find out which events we will be attending soon. There will be quite a lot, especially as we have missed contact unrestricted by the frame of a computer screen.

Of course, next year we will see you again in Barcelona, from February 27 to March 2, 2023.


Adrianna Habdas
Adrianna Habdas
Senior Online Marketing Specialist

Adrianna is a marketing specialist involved in the Telecoms division for several years. She deals with online activities such as website design, social media channel management, CRM administration and organization of webinars. In addition, she is responsible for organizing Comarch’s participation in external industry conferences and trade fairs taking place all over the world.

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