Make the Future More Personal with 5G Private Networks

Wondering how to take digitization to the next step in your business this year2023? We strongly recommend that you focus on taking  advantage of private 5G networks. The potential is huge, and definitely worth it if you want to be one step ahead of the competition this year. Ready to dive into the world of private networking possibilities?

The power of private networks    

Ever dreamed about your factory running truly wireless? If so, a 5G-based MPN (mobile private network) is definitely for you. When combined with battery-powered equipment, there is no more hassle with cables. Warehouses managed by drones are now the stuff of reality rather than science fiction, and when based on a 5G MPN they are enhanced with greater reliability advanced security. To set up an MPN, you need infrastructure. Antennas and connectivity equipment have to be acquired and mounted. What if you do not want to deal with all of that hardware? Private 5G networking still meets your needs. If you choose a network slice, you can use the existing infrastructure of a telco operating in your area. It’s a simple way to get a local or even nationwide MPN just for you, activated in minutes, giving you all benefits of a full private 5G network.

A slice-based MPN has its down-sides as well. First, you need the right coverage. In the context of agriculture, mining or other business in rural areas, this might be a serious problem. In such cases, businesses will look for an MPN built using their own infrastructure. As mentioned – this will not be as fast to set up  or affordable as when using the slice, but the reward should still be worth the investment.

5G private networks – use cases

Are you wondering how such a solution can work? Even though private 5G is projected to grow in importance in 2023, it is already easy to see examples of implementation that work well in their role. There’s no wonder, as the  improved security and faster service delivery made possible when using a private network facilitate almost immediate implementation of this solution at the telco.

Primarily, an MPN delivers outstanding flexibility for business. There is no limit in planning the floors of the factory, and battery-powered devices mean that no electricity sockets or cables are required. In a world where the role of robots and drones is growing so fast, it would be unwise to plan new infrastructure still dependent on physical connectivity.

With so many strong arguments in favor of using an MPN in business, especially 5G-based MPN, we strongly believe that we will see a great many more such implementations in the coming months. When combining MPN with equipment based on ORAN, and taking into account legislation in different countries, the benefits definitely increase the value of MPNs.

We can already see examples of this, and they are closer than you think. 

Comarch 5G LAB

Have you discovered Comarch 5G LAB? We have opened an innovative space where it is possible to see the real power of private networks. Inside, we are able to present a comprehensive, end-to-end private 5G mobile network which works on standardized interfaces, and is embedded in the Open RAN model, including core, transport and E2E management platform based on Comarch OSS/BSS Solutions. In Comarch 5G LAB, it is possible to test hardware/software cooperation in real life, and define the advantages and disadvantages of interoperability between elements. Comarch 5G LAB is located in the company’s headquarters in Kraków, Poland. 


Marcin Nowak
Marcin Nowak
Senior Solutions Manager

An experienced team player acting as liaison between customers and the Product Management team. With a strong IT background, a thorough grounding in the agile approach and curiosity about innovations, Marcin shapes architectures and solutions for T1 operators around the world.

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