Make Creating New Services as Simple as Building with Blocks

How do you plan to introduce a new product or service for customers of your telecom business? In the era of limited human resources and costly expert knowledge, it is a challenge to continuously present an attractive offer. Automation cannot still be considered as a choice, but as a foundation of daily work. What is the building block concept, and how can it support implementing new solutions?

How to easily create innovative services in telecoms

Digital telecoms require future-proof systems that can be easily adapted to current trends, and are at the same time intuitive and ready for adjustments to the customers’ needs. Automation can no longer fulfill all demands. Telecom growth strategy needs more. Have you ever considered a way of creating new services which is as easy as playing with blocks? You can just drag and drop existing elements from the catalog to build something new that can make your portfolio more attractive.

Comarch is improving catalogs, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Remember building a tower from blocks in childhood? By using catalogs, it is possible to build new services based on items that are already in your catalogs, but you are able to create a new multi-access edge computing data center, not a toy. That’s the future of telecom industry!

The power of service and product catalogs

Among the modules in the Telecom Application Map there are catalogs for resources, services, and products. For the contents of the catalogs, there is the TM Forum Information Framework (SID), which describes the metamodel for the definition of catalog contents. Thanks to that, when different systems are in line with these standards, it is easy to integrate them, even if they are provided by separate vendors. This can open new opportunities for telecoms. A flexible and easy to use tool is always handy, even for complex operations, which certainly include creating a new service.    

The great advantage of catalogs is that they can be used by telecommunications experts and non-technical staff. New services can be built in a few minutes because they use existing components. If something is missing, you can easily expand the catalog via a user interface. It supports your business in shortening time to market (TTM), and makes the whole process much easier.

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Marcin Nowak
Marcin Nowak
Senior Solutions Manager

An experienced team player acting as liaison between customers and the Product Management team. With a strong IT background, a thorough grounding in the agile approach and curiosity about innovations, Marcin shapes architectures and solutions for T1 operators around the world.

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