Limited Access to an Expert Workforce? See How to Use MIRA System

Has your telecommunications company recently had to deal with the limited availability of industry experts? This challenge is becoming increasingly common. What's more, it involves the physical network layer and the resources of professionals available in the visual layer. Yet there are increasingly more ways to address the issue of increasingly limited access to the knowledge and experience of valued employees. Learn the Comarch way.

Artificial intelligence (AI) as an answer to the challenges facing the modern market

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the workforce creates virtually endless opportunities for business development. You can use it to prepare a portfolio of resources, products and services, and to employee knowledge. How? multi-criteria intelligent resource allocation (MIRA) is the answer to one of the greatest challenges facing technology firms - the lack of or limited access to the knowledge and experience of experts.

Try automating the creation of new service topologies. As this is based on existing resources and works in near real-time, your company can respond to changes in service requirements almost immediately, without having to wait for the availability of an expert.

Benefits of artificial intelligence and workforce allocation 

Among the many applications of the MIRA system, it is worth focusing primarily on features that support your processes constantly, and reduce costs effectively. In order to make best use of the possibilities of artificial intelligence, which is the heart of business 4.0, you need to know exactly what can be achieved.

First of all, the implementation of artificial intelligence enables improvement of expert knowledge and transfer or resale of such knowledge for use by partners. In this way, you can easily overcome the barrier associated with imitated access to expert knowledge by effectively doubling the number of experts to whom you have access. A great advantage is also the ability to adjust the system to the size of the organization - so you can use it in a small, medium or large company, without worrying about efficiency or speed of work.

If you consider it important to facilitate rapid automation of processes such as ordering a service, ordering subnet/slice configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and optimization, you should definitely focus on the model-based approach that AI MIRA offers. 

Discover more about the multi-criteria search model in the white paper entitled “Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of Business 4.0”. If you prefer to learn from video, watch short animation which is part of the third episode of Comarch’s campaign called “Creating Innovative Value in Telco”. 


Rajmund Zieliński
Rajmund Zieliński
IAA Product Manager

Having gained solid team-building and management skills in previous roles, Rajmund Zieliński brought his holistic approach to business analysis to Comarch. With a firm grounding in project implementation and transitioning and a sound understanding of the agile management philosophy, his economic and telecommunications industry expertise allow him to strike the best strategic balance that delivers on the aspirations of clients and the interests of his own organization.

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