Key Success Factors of Digital Transformation World 2022 from Comarch’s Perspective

We are glad that we could be part of such a huge event as Digital Transformation World, organized by TM Forum. We couldn't miss the opportunity to share our memories of this event. Emotions haven't fully subsided yet, and we can't wait for the next edition. This is our perspective on the event.

The biggest Digital Transformation World event ever

Digital Transformation World 2022 was held in the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark from September 20-22. In addition to the great views of the city that we were able to admire upon arrival, we were impressed by the number of participants. Over 3,000 people from 110 countries took part in the 2022 edition. It is worth noting that it was the first live event in over three years. Comarch had the honor of being the Silver Sponsor of this conference.

Inspiring speeches and meetings at the stand

Each day was filled with substantive speeches on current and future trends in the telecommunications industry. We and other participants had the opportunity to update their current knowledge and start planning future activities in the fields of, for example:

  • Improving customer experience (CX)
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify customer and operator relationships
  • Simplifying fulfillment based on the catalog
  • Incorporating FSM and OSS functions with zero-touch network maintenance

There was also a lot going on at our stand. Looking at the photos from the event, we still can't believe that so many people visited it. We heard that many of you appreciated the modern look of our stand and plush dragons, which are the symbol of the city where we are based - Kraków. Many thanks for every conversation and smile.

What is the greatest memory about DTW 2022?

The Comarch team really appreciated a chance to be a part of such an inspiring event. Meetings in Denmark are always a pleasure. Since the pandemic  began, live events have been uncertain. DTW in Copenhagen showed us how much we missed them, and we’re certain others felt the same. It was great to see the familiar faces of our customers and partners who dropped by for a chat over Polish sweets. We also had the opportunity to meet new people and learn their approach to the market and ways of solving current problems. It was inspiring to discover new perspectives on the industry’s challenges.

The event showed us that business can be moved online partially or for some period of time, but face-to-face meetings will always play an important role. We are glad that this is not only our opinion, and look forward to more such events.

“It was great to see all the people who visited our Comarch stand and were eager to know the legend behind our little dragon – who took over the entire event in no time. During events such as DTW, we always value the most the opportunity to verify the correctness of the actions we take as a company. Thanks to discussions and exchange of experiences, we can develop and learn together to achieve even greater successes. I am grateful for all the relationships established by myself, but also by our entire team.” – says Michał Mędrala, Head of OSS Consulting and Product Management at Comarch.

Hope to meet with you all in-person also during the industry events that are yet to come. Let's keep in touch and prepare for more great conferences, discussions and partnerships. 


Aleksandra Orłowska

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