Interop Tokyo 2023: Knowledge, System Demos, and Inspiring Talks

What a time! We are not new to Interop Tokyo, so we thought we would not be surprised by much. However, this year’s event exceeded our greatest dreams. Thanks for your interest in our stand and willingness to speak with our team. We are also thankful for the high level of interest in our expert's presentation. View the event through our eyes. Time to reminisce!

45,000 participants during Interop Tokyo 2023

This year's edition of the one-of-a-kind Interop Tokyo took place between June 14 and 16, in Chiba, near Tokyo, Japan. The main topics of the event were mainly focused on the latest industry developments and use cases for specific improvements. As always, it was a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge with professionals from all around the world.

It was the 30th time the event has been held, and its success is proved not only by our observations, but also by the numbers. This year, almost 45,000 people took part. We are even happier that our representative's speech drew more people than there were available seats, with95 attendees.

Comarch’s expert’s speech sold out

Now we know what it's like when you plan to perform in a packed hall. Łukasz Zezulak, Country Manager at Comarch Japan, gave participants an insight into the world of telco artificial intelligence with a presentation entitled "Resolving Your Network Operations Problem with Comarch AI: Predictions, RCA, Predictive Maintenance, and Energy Saving as an add-on".

One of the most significant areas this year is the use of artificial intelligence in the telecoms business. A hands-on look at the systems that benefit from this technology is really valuable. To stay on top of the industry, you must keep up with the latest developments. We hope you found the speech useful.

Our input into sharing knowledge

We are grateful for the chance to debate different scenarios with other specialists. A different point of view improves system performance and makes it better suited to market requirements and demands. We took advantage of the opportunity to showcase demo systems at Interop Tokyo 2023, where we prepared three demo topics, thanks to which the participants could better understand the possibilities of our products:

  • AI-related predictive maintenance
  • All-in-one Comarch 5G Lab experience combining all building blocks of OSS into one E2E solution enabling self-management and automated FSM
  • Open RAN fronthaul transport

Ready to attend next year's edition of Interop Tokyo? Check out different worldwide events where you can join Comarch while waiting for the next Interop events.


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