How can Telcos Benefit from IoT, 5G, AI and the Cloud in the Digital Era? Read New Ebook to Find Out

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and of course 5G… these innovative technologies are all forcing telecommunications operators to rethink the way they do business and redefine themselves as digital service providers. There are potentially huge rewards awaiting those who grasp the opportunities presented by digitization and deliver the kind of networks that customers are already coming to expect. Yet at the same time it takes careful planning to do this effectively, and advice from experts in the field is a must.

Comarch’s new ebook, entitled “At the Forefront of Innovation: How AI, IoT, Cloud and 5G are Reinventing Telecoms”, offers just such advice. Covering all these core technologies and examining their application in real, business-relevant scenarios, the ebook makes a compelling case for the rapid adoption of digital solutions by demonstrating the concrete benefits they could deliver.

How are telcos #ReinventingTelecoms?

There is a strong focus on automation and artificial intelligence across a range of fields, such as deploying predictive maintenance solutions for intelligent assurance, and developing a zero-touch, end-to-end approach to network design and maintenance. There is also a chapter on the role that artificial intelligence can play in the future of the Internet of Things, and the ways in which the technological foundations can be laid to facilitate this. Much of the content examines how operators can strengthen relationships with clients by delivering digital connectivity, content and services in a model that emphasizes customer focus. That might include reinventing omnichannel strategy in telecommunications, or enhancing customer engagement in field service delivery – both of which are addressed in the ebook. From the end-user perspective, it might not matter much what kind of technology is behind the digital customer experience, but there is universal demand that this experience will meet their expectations in terms of speed, availability and reliability. Thus, the ebook addresses means of ensuring this by, for example, moving to the cloud or developing OSS so that it meets the requirements of 5G and delivers on the promises of this next generation of telco tech.

Discover the role digital tech will play in the telco industry, with our new ebook

Read as a standalone product, or in conjunction with our expert white papers and wealth of other material online. However you choose to engage with this ebook, it will leave you with plenty to think about as you plan your own contribution to #ReinventingTelecoms. Download your copy here, and take the first steps on the road to transformation today.


Małgorzata Siwiec-Kisiel
Małgorzata Siwiec-Kisiel
Marketing Director in the Telecommunications Business Unit

Małgorzata has been with Comarch for the past 10 years, contributing to various marketing projects, including website design, visual identity, event management and internet marketing. She has also delivered speeches at various marketing events, including the Internet2K14 conference in Warsaw.

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