Highlights of MWC Barcelona 2024 Through the Eyes of Comarch

This year’s edition of Mobile World Congress Barcelona has come to an end with over 101,000 attendees from 205 countries. Companies from all over the globe presented numerous innovations that embodied the event’s theme for 2024, “Future First.”

Adrianna Habdas, Marketing Director at Comarch, recalled the event, saying: “I'm delighted that I was able to attend MWC Barcelona once again and see the event regain its pre-pandemic glory. It still fell a little short of breaking the record of more than 109,000 participants set in 2019, but I believe the upcoming edition could surpass that. What is the most fascinating thing about MWC Barcelona? The fact that I can see with my own eyes how the buzzwords we commonly use are implemented in real, working products. At this event, theory becomes reality.”

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

There was an abundance of debates on the future of the telecommunications industry, with particular focus on services and products based on artificial intelligence, 5G-based solutions, expanding the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and other technologies holding great potential to impact the shape of the industry in the near future.

Key trends of MWC 2024

There were a few clearly defined trends that could be seen both in official exhibition booths and behind-the-scenes conversations.

Artificial intelligence becoming commonplace

Artificial intelligence undeniably took the spotlight at the conference. Almost every company presented a proprietary product equipped with AI to varying degrees, and most discussions inevitably included at least a mention of this technology. Such overwhelming popularity generated a lot of interest from business analysts present, who interviewed experts from Comarch and other companies to gather material for detailed reports on the matter. With all the hype and concerns surrounding AI and its widespread implementation in devices we use on a daily basis, some of the major players in the industry declared a focused effort to democratize AI and make it more ethical, transparent, and meaningful.

5G evolution keeps soundly progressing

Switching to the 5G standard prompted a common effort by all telecommunications enterprises to embrace the new possibilities introduced by this technology. Open RAN, autonomous networks, resource virtualization, and using AI to automate network oversight were some of the concepts that CSPs and vendors adopted for their businesses. Practical use cases of solutions demonstrated at MWC displayed a broad range of benefits to operators, including reduction of operational costs, easier modification of network parameters, and even contributing to more fair market competition between technology vendors.

Focus on sustainability and responsible approach to technology

Open RAN and virtualization of network elements gained traction not only because of their inherent cost optimization. As responsibility becomes more integral to the strategies of technology vendors, companies opt for more environmentally friendly solutions that can reduce carbon footprint and the amount of energy used to sustain the correct functioning of the infrastructure. Collaboration on this scale is a positive sign for the future, marking possible breakthroughs and the democratization of network infrastructure in the coming years.

The Comarch team’s perspective on MWC Barcelona 2024

Our team had the pleasure to welcome you to the Comarch stand and participate in many inspiring discussions. The main topics discussed at our stand were the best practices for efficient implementation of 5G technology, deploying and managing complex IoT ecosystems, and enhancing customer experience. During many meetings, our experts made a lot of new friends and promoted a practical approach to artificial intelligence.

Marcin Kaleta, Vice President, Director of the Telecommunications Division at Comarch, who attended the event, said: “In the face of the skyrocketing popularity of AI and widespread recognition for 5G, it was clear which topics would prevail during MWC. It was a very fruitful event, during which we managed to showcase some of our flagship products for telecoms and mobile technology vendors. One of our objectives was to promote a more ethical and purposeful approach to the latest technologies, and I can confidently say that this goal was achieved.”

The Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 left us full of positive emotions. We are amazed at all the opportunities that became possible thanks to the new, innovative technologies and inspiring discussions with new and old friends during this event.


Paweł Leśnik
Paweł Leśnik

Paweł is an experienced copywriter specializing in various areas of IT. His practical understanding of the industry allows him to explain complex concepts in an accessible way and provide compelling marketing content for the telecom sector of Comarch.

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