Have you ever considered AI-powered 6G as your sixth-sense?

Here comes the revolution! In the era of 6G networks, the demands and requirements of the market are increasing. Is it possible that virtual and mixed reality will soon replace our modern lifestyle? Discover more about the services and applications that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and find the answer for yourself.

What does 6G communication technology have in common with the “sixth-sense”?

The sixth sense has many definitions. Some believe that it is a synonym for human intuition, while others prefer to call it the ability to subconsciously learn new skills or patterns of behavior. Is it possible to relate the sixth sense to technology, and above all to the services made possible by AI and the 6G mobile network?

Communications in the era of 6G

6G, as a wireless communications network, is aware of the environment of which it is a part of. That is why, in the coming years, our society will become more digitized and intelligence-inspired. It is fair to say that 6G is no longer just a network, but is starting to be an autonomous ecosystem with human-like intelligence. By combining various senses (touch, sight, hearing and sound), it is possible to communicate and interact with various technologies. Do you see value for your telecom business in this?

6G communication technology will use edge computing with artificial intelligence that brings the server closer to the users from the cloud. The goal of AI is to enable closed-loop orchestration to support new types of services, such as X-reality, wearable computers, space-air and more. It is also important to remember about the important role of machine learning (ML). This is primarily used to ensure that computer programs are used for the features and patterns of the system. It goes without saying that this sounds like the definition of the human sixth sense!

The future of 6G in telecommunications businesses

The next generation of 6G communication technology enables shifting attention from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Internet of Intelligence. Thanks to that, the capability of representing knowledge and an ability to process that knowledge and make decisions will be the main focus areas. Does that sound like an interesting vision for the future? Of course, none of this can happen without the proper OSS systems. Applications empowered by advanced AI/ML machines will unlock professional features oriented on dynamic, on-demand network management.

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Azam Beyk

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