Delivering True Added Value in Telecommunications with White-label Cloud Services

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way that businesses operate. Costly, maintenance-heavy traditional hardware is being edged out of service delivery operations, particularly in the telecommunications industry. The cloud has the advantages of easy scalability and customization, automation of many processes, and high security – none of which are simple or cheap to set up or run over the long term on physical networks.

It’s clear that, with the benefits offered by the cloud ideally suited to meet rising customer expectations and ever more cut-throat market conditions, telcos need to be making the switch sooner rather than later if they are to bring new products and services to the market quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s where operators can rely on providers such as Comarch to deliver a white-label cloud service – which can then be branded accordingly and sold on to customers.

White-label telecom reseller: a tried and tested model adapted for today’s technologies

White-labelling cloud service isn’t new; supermarkets and electronics retailers/manufacturers have been using the model successfully for many years. It’s a way in which a business can get its “own” product or service to market without worrying about the time and costs associated with in-house development, updates and maintenance. What’s more, the processes involved for a white-label cloud services reseller are the same for B2B, B2C, or any other kind of business relationship.

As a minimum, a white-label telecom reseller requires a comprehensive suite of functionalities. This might include hosting, storage, sales, backup, invoicing and more. Automation should be built-in where appropriate, every aspect of the solution should be scalable in line with changing business needs, the selected product or suite should integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and ongoing support in the form of maintenance, security and training should be standard.

In fact, the ideal white-label telecom cloud services should leave the client with very little to think about beyond how they are going to brand and design the graphic user interfaces of their new system.

The benefits of a white-label telecom cloud service reseller

This is important because it frees up budget, human resources and time for the operator to focus on the products and services themselves. What is going to give them that edge over the competition? How will it address consumer demand? And how is going to be developed on the technical level? Finding the answers to these questions, and delivering via a trusted, hassle-free white-label cloud service reseller, is what will allow telcos to provide true added value to end users. For in-depth, expert analysis of this subject, download and read our free white paper.


Aleksandra Lisińska
Aleksandra Lisińska
Product Manager Comarch Cloud

A graduate of the Kraków University of Economics, Fachhochschule Munster and Grand Valley State University, Aleksandra Lisińska is currently Product Manager for Comarch Cloud. She brings to the company academic experience in economics, the arts and public administration, along with strong international connections

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